Hi everyone! :-)

I'm 20 and I've flown about 10 times before but this coming Tuesday I am flying alone for the first time.

I've managed to keep it under control until now, but with five days until I go the nerves are suddenly kicking in! 

Has anyone any suggestions (besides pills) for keeping calm whilst in the flight? I find take off terrifying, but for the rest I'm not so bad, so anything that would help particularly at that point would be good, if anybody has any suggestions? Not being able to use phone or tablet for that part of the flight really doesn't help.. 



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Do you have Keiths book or cd's?

I am like you (or can I say was- my last flights were actually pretty reasonable!)  I hated take off, however since reading Keiths book, I talked myself through what was happening in the cockpit. It really helped me. Arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible, noises etc.

I know what you mean about not using your mp3 etc for take off. That is when you need it, but Safety First!! :-). I got my husband to download me a quiz, and I started to do the 25 questions. Thinking about that and talking myself through what was happening really helped.

Stay away from pills if you can, they'll make you feel awful.

Good luck

Hi Jess

Get into a good book a few days before you fly. Get it out and get engrossed in it once in your seat. I used to read it walking on the plane cos I didn't want to see the length of the plane or realise what I was getting on to. Cabin crew had even said to me whilst getting on 'Oh good book?'. I would read until we were up and I felt a little more comfortable. Sometimes I'd lost the story, but it didn't matter as long as I was reading the words. It kept me focused. Like Amanda says, get familiar with the noises. I always listen for the wheels going back up. I always like to tell people what I can hear. It makes me feel knowledgable and like I know what I'm talking about 'Oh listen, that's the wheels retracting'. Even telling strangers. Also in the past, I was sat next to two old people and I got chatting and told them of my fears just so it was out there in case I lost it (I didn't by the way). They were great! Really encouraging and one patted my arm as we were taking off. So why not see who you're sat next to and say something to them? You might not feel alone then? Also have you noticed from your last 10 flights that they are all the same. You're greeted, you take a seat, the plane pushes back, you taxi round, you take off, the captain speaks, you get a drink etc etc. Take encouragement from your last flights and you have done it before, you can do it again. The thought of doing it is a whole lot worse than the actual doing it! Be brave and let us know how you get on.


Hi Jess thinking of you today. Let us know how you get on.


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