Flying back to Uganda on Thursday, sudden biz trip, a bit anxious.

Greetings everyone.

Have to go back to Uganda on Thursday. This was sort of unexpected, as in I found out yesterday. Funny since I was successful when I went in March I am having some anxiety now. I think because the trip is unexpected and I also have to go to Kenya in the beginning of June (that one was planned), so it is all of a sudden a lot of long-hauls in a short space of time.

So I am sort of irritated at myself because my former confidence seems to be waning - went on a short week-end jaunt last week and had no anxiety even though they were on Regional Jets *. I didn't even think twice about that - am looking forward to going to Kenya in June - .

Intellectually I know that the suddenness of this trip is contributing, plus a long way off from my wife, but you know, I still wish I can deal with flying like dealing with taking a bus somewhere.

So it is time to breathe, watch the videos again from this course, and relax. Be grateful for this opportunity! Get into the "flyboy" mindset of relaxing, trusting the flight crew, and only having anxiety over work and whether or not the in-flight movie will be entertaining.

So that is it, haven't posted much but once work calms down I will, but success stories are incredibly inspiring, believe me. I plan to post one when I get back. and then again in June.

* allow me to show off in another vein! On the flight from Norfolk to New York, we were seated in the second row and the Flight Attendant was in the first. My major was geology so I was either regaling or boring my wife by pointing out all the coastal landforms, Cape May, Jersey Shore, Sandy Hook, etc., etc. but the F/A was listening too!

Hey just thinking about that lessens my anxiety. Yeah, I *can* do this.

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