First of all nice to be back here,  I flew to Alicante on the 20th june I had so much going on that the flight crept up on me.

I visited this site a good few year's ago after a bad flight from spain, I lost my confidence and for 2 years went to spain on a coach that took 41 hrs from Scotland, thanks to captain keith and this site , I started flying again,

I came back from spain last Saturday after a 2 week holiday, please read the books and watch the dvd's and read everything on this forum.

I did that and for the first time I did not even have to come on this site leading up to my flight., knowledge is power, when I left Glasgow airport it was grey and raining, the old me would have panicked about that but this weather made no difference to the take-off , on the air-craft the plane banked the old me would have been scared!!! WHY !  its only turning a corner like on a bus or in a car .

So what if you get a bit of turbalunce if it was not safe would the cabin crew go to their work everyday or would the pilot want to fly it?. I don't think so!

I am not keen on take-off still have my  ritual of having magazine in my hand trying to read it during take-off even though I am not reading it, this helps me, once I am up I am fine don't worry if you feel the aircraft is dropping once its reached its level this is normal! then you get on a even keel.

So thanks Keith for this site and your help  and please if you are nervous this site will help you honest!

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hi Ronnie

thanks for the account of your flight    and well done!


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