Hi all!

My flights are coming up just a matter of days now. I've got a flight from Dublin to London, London to Athens, Then a short flight from Athens to a Greek island. All of them I'll hate but will do none the less. The short flight is in an small plane, with propelled engines. Maybe fits 30 people. When the plane turns you really feel the G force, you stomach goes in your mouth. I really hate the feeling of not being in control of my fate in an aircraft. If is going down that's it, your stuck. But strangely enough i love when i'm relaxed and feeling confident when i'm up. The worst part for me is take off, its the feeling when you take off and begin to climb. I'm afraid the engines will cut out or get a bird strike. Once i'm up i'm generally OK. But the media have drilled more fear into me with the latest thing concerning the Boeing 777. I won't share in case no-one knows. Anyway i look forward to speaking to you all.

I've attached a picture of the small aircraft i'm going on underneath.

Thanks Keith for your book and DVD, both great!

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*sound of an empty breeze*

*tumble weed rolls by*
Thanks for all your help everyone O_O

Guess my situation wasn't as extreme as others....

I think the forum title should be changed in here, no "we" came rushing to support me. So i guess i'll just carry on my 3 flights one being a very nerv racking small aircraft and another being a 4 hour flight. But as i said before maybe i wasn't as extreme as others to attract support.
Hey broomstick

just got back from my trip to berlin, and seems like you beginning to struggle. What were you doing reading about those 777's - especially in the media. I still dont know what it was about and appreciate you not writing it, as really nothing good can come from knowing it. It is more than likely an over-emphasised media account of things. You only have to read something you know a lot about to see how they can twist stories to sensationalise things. Good example - the independent carried a report over the weekend on how we are a couple of steps of being able to "mind read" using state of the art technology. Sounds amazing huh. Well it is nowhere near the truth, and i know this as I am heavily involved in brain imaging as part of my job. Now, as i dont have a fear of mind reading I brushed the story off as silly sensationalising by the free speaking press. Also have you noticed that all Boeings havent suddenly been grounded. The aviation industry isnt into the habit of risk taking, so i hear.

Anyway, not sure how much I can help you as it looks like you kind of like me - will do the flight and either love it or hate it. For me the worst part is the build up to the flights. I spent most of last week fairly up and down, but come the day of the flight was pretty cool about it all. The first flight, glasgow to berlin rocked, and that was because i was clear in my mind about things - i kept my breathing under control and was positive. Could have done with some more sleep beforehand mind you. The return flight wasnt so good, but i putting that down to having had about 6 hours sleep over 2 days - was there on a stag trip. There was some turbulence and there was a few bumps here and there, and for the first 40mins i wasnt liking it at all. However, at about that time i started to get a grip on myself and did the things i need to reassure myself. Breathed normally, read brief articles to shift my thought patterns, looked around and saw the completely and utterly calm expression of the flight attendants, etc, etc. Those technques definately work, so keep them in mind if you start getting a bit shaky on the planes. Definately take something to keep your mind occupied on the four hour flight - boredom is pretty rubbish, and planes can be pretty boring places.

and dont worry about those small propeller ones - the just as safe as any other. And i am sure that by the time you have got to greece you will be so looking forward to not be travelling anymore that you will on the plane no problem.

give me a shout if you want to chat about things before you fly. Maybe even a little back and forth will help a bit

go easy

We're all cheering for you on your forthcoming flights and certainly looking forward to hearing about them. The engines won't cut out and the chances of a bird strike are remote.

I've got a couple of mates involved with air investigations and anything that's going on with the 777's is a case of being ultra cautious. You're sensations in a 'small' airliner shouldn't be any worse than in a jumbo...maybe there's some sort of expectation on your part?? The physics are the same.

*sound of an empty breeze*

*tumble weed rolls by*

Think about those two statements while you're taking off...and watch the videos again. Look forward to hearing from you.


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