I am returning from my holiday on sept 11th, I am always terrified of flying. I knew i was returning on this day, but it was not until i heard media reports that a terror attack was/is planned for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 that i became even more worried. I know security here at airports is strict, but what about abroad?


Thanks Karen.



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Hi Karen,

Sorry for not replying sooner but just saw you posting now. Airport and airplane security is something which every country in the world takes extremely seriously so I've no reason to suspect that things are in any way less safe, for example, in countries outside of Europe and the US. Security activities at airports by airport police and other relevant national security agencies are, by their nature, not advertised and spoken about in detail in the media by the said policing agencies. But you can rest assured they're doing their work 24/7. I'd ignore totally such media reports. The media these days would say something like that wouldn't they!! They thrive on bad news and catatastrophe forecasting etc. Anything to get a bit of a story line going and fill a few minutes of air-time or some column inches - (I think its their way of ensuring they keeps 'emselves in a job!!!) Enjoy your holidays, including the flights. You'll be absolutely fine. Best wishes. Frank Edwards.

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