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I have a totally irrational fear of flying...but its one i am able to overcome (and even dont mind talking about even though i'm a bloke) and do fly....now more often than ever

early in 2013 the company i worked for went bust...leaving me to find a new job....that in itself wasnt so bad...i always back myself and am confident in the jobs i do......but i only went a chose a job covering the whole of EMEA...which means i have to fly a lot.....so far i've been ME, America, and to 6 european countries...flying is becoming very familiar to me.

when i took the job, honestly part of it was to see new places and work within different cultures...and thats amazing......so why why why why why do i still fear it?

heres the thing....i know whats happening...i understand the clunks and bangs and engine noise and flaps and dingdongs......i can tell anybody how a plane flies...i can tell anybody what noise has done what......but i have a creeping...nagging....stupid feeling everything i'm due to fly....that by flying MORE...i'm increasing the risk that something bad will happen!

maybe it will pass....maybe i need a new job!!!

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well its gone mental for me......in january i flew 8000 miles.....last week i flew from uk...to munich...then munich to paris then paris and back home......and next week i'm flying uk to oslo...oslo onto kristiansung....then back to oslo for a flight to istanbul and then home a day or two directly after.

i'm no longer consumed by images of the plane crashing or blowing up but i'm still a bit nervous on every flight....maybe its a stupid question i asked earlier about the risk increasing.....because i know the risks are tiny i just wish i could be really comfortable when flying.

Hi Andy

Is there something specific about flying that makes you worry? For me, it's turbulence.

Since you are familiar with how a plane works, maybe you can talk yourself through when you start feeling nervous or fearful. For example, you say that you are increasing your risks by flying more often, but in reality, we face more dangers while driving in a car, yet we do it every day, without a second thought. 

It takes a huge team of professionals to get us flying, from the ground crew to the cabin crew and the pilots. They have received many hours of training and they do their jobs very well, so we're in good hands :)

It sounds like you like your job and the many opportunities it brings for you to travel and experience different cultures. it would be a shame to leave this job over your fear of flying. Have you tried any of Captain Keith's resources? I'm a big fan of his CDs. 

Also, realise that getting over this fear is a process. Keep working at it and you'll succeed. Don't give up!

Best wishes, Yilyn

There was some lottery analogy Keith used, I'm not sure I can remember exactly but it's something like...

If you enter a raffle, say, with a one in a million chance of winning, and you buy one million tickets, one of them will definitely be a winning ticket because someone has to win the competition. The more tickets you buy, the higher your chance of winning.

So if you apply that to flying, let's say you've heard there's a one in a million chance that a plane will crash, you might assume that the more you fly, the higher your chances are of being involved in an accident. But it doesn't work that way because while there's always one raffle ticket that'll have the winning number, no plane is 'destined' to have an accident. So you could take 2 million flights and your chances of being involved in an accident would be no higher than if you only took 2 flights.

I think that's what the analogy was.

cheers guys, i think its probably the very common lack of control issue i have....sure i dont like it when its bumpy....and flying a lot im getting less and less bothered about it.....but i've had a few set backs recently...a flight from ireland had a very bumpy landing....and it led to me worrying about the next flight to ireland...though on the long flight to oman the week before i was fine....and wouldnt you know...the next flight to ireland was smooth as anything...so i worried for nothing.

thanks for that analogy sarah...i think i went a bit cross eyed reading it but i'll have another go at making sense of it...

and dont worry Yilyn...i wont leave my job.....after all its not a job...its an adventure!!!

thanks for the comments guys....i'm going to try and contribute more because i feel like i'm almost there now...so maybe i can help

Hi Andy 

I'll be looking forward to your posts and comments! I may sound rational and calm here, but I have a one-hour flight next weekend and I am already making excuses to get out of it. I just wish that there was an instant cure for our anxiety of flying, but the reality is, we have to just keep doing it until we don't feel anxious anymore. 

I am in awe of the fact that you managed to fly 8000 miles in January, that's amazing! And an inspiration :) 


Hi Yilyn....thanks but theres not much inspiration if you saw my face at take off..lol....i'm off to istanbul this week which is a place i've never been...should have a free afternoon to see a bit of the city too.

sadly there is no cure is there....i think 98% of the people on any given flight feel a bit nervous as we set off...i met a guy in the states in december who had done over a million miles with delta airlines.....in all those years nothing bad ever happened...nothing even remotely scary ever happened....not even a medical emergency....so i think of things like this when i get a little nervous.....go on take the flight....and let me know how you get on....we'll help eachother!!!

Hey Andy

Thanks for sharing the story about the guy who had done a million miles… Wow… I'm going to think about that every time I feel anxious :) Will update you on how it goes this weekend! (Fingers crossed)

Best, Yilyn

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