flying the day after tomorrow and im extremely nervous!!

hey guys, im flying to amsterdam on friday for 4 days and the nerves are starting to play up. im flying on KLM (is this airline good? im not familiar with european airlines) boeing 737 and i absolutely hate small planes!! especially takeoff! i usually end up having a panic attack and completely losing it, crying and shaking and drawing a bit of attention to myself. Usually i fly with family or my boyfriend and i dont care when they see my little panic attacks but this time im going with another couple and im worried that il lose it in front of them. They are new friends and i have warned them about my fear of flying but i dont think they realise how bad it is. I just wish i could get through takeoffs better than i do, usually when we level out i start to calm down. Does anyone have suggestions of how to get through takeoffs without freaking out???

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im flying from oslo. il try focusing on talking to my friends, but no matter what i do, i always end up losing it. Sometimes i'll be on a takeoff and at first i feel fine and think that all is gona be ok, but then all of a sudden out of nowhere the panic just overcomes me. Its very frustrating, i get really annoyed with myself that i cannot overcome this fear and controls my emotions....
Hi Jess
Diaphragmatic breathing is the won't be ablre to panic if you're breathing properly. Lokk it up on the web practice it for four days and you'll get through it.

Answer me this question, no answer this question for you. What is the worst thing that can happen if you lose it in front of your friends? Will you be ashamed, embarrassed, lose your job, contract a deadly illness lose your job. And if you are any of those things what's the worst thing that can happen?
There's only one thing in life that mattersand that's being alive and if anyone is nasty to you for being anxious tell me and I'll punch them on the nose for you!
You are entitled to be scared you don't have to answer to ANYONE about your feelings...especially friends.
Watch the take off video 20 times and remember the captions and I think you'll be fine.
KLM are perfectly safe...I'd fly with them no problem

Hi Jess,
May I add that you do deep breathing whilst watching the Video of take off .
Also am I correct in thinking you have already recently flown Australia to Norway- what a fantastic achievemt- flying to Amsterdam from Olso will be over in a blink of an eye when compared to your long haul flight.
I consider 737 planes to be pretty average size, o.k not in the same category as a JUmbo or 777 or large Airbus but much bigger thana Dash plane I flew in which took just over 50 people.
Sending you positive cybervibes,
Good evening,

Today I was nearly to give up and was thinking about returning from my holiday from Rome to bus or by train :-), but...I decided to fly and I am happy I DID IT, even I was scared for last few days. Tonight I am angry with myself I lost few days for thinking about my fear instead of enjoiyng life in Rome.

I flew with KLM to Peru, Mexico, Amsterdam - some their planes have a name, I flew by Maria Callas. I liked the crew, food, drinks. Ones I flew with a woman as a captain and the flight was as smooth as I did not recognize when we touched down in Warsaw.

If I could fly (believe me, I used to think I was the worst flyier in the world), you can do it too!

Good luck!!!
Oh Daria

You know it will be OK when you take the flight and yet you suffer that terrible torment each time! How brave of you to go through with the flight.
Don't be angry with yourself this time...learn that each time it works out well for you.
None of what you go through is wasted...unless you do it again. For you the important time is just before the flight, so you need to find a strategy to expect and then resist the doubts. Well done a million times over. I should thinlk everyone who reads this account will be inspired by it.

oh my gosh i dont know if that is a sign but maria callas is actually a distant relative of mine, we both had the same last names orginally (kalageropolous) but our familys shortened it and mine spelt it kalas instead of callas. thats so cool! just imagine if thats the plane i fly on hehe.
il try the breathing exercises. i think i might have a few drinks at the airport before i leave, that seems to help sometimes. its funny though coz watching those takeoff hearts pounds in my chest and i start sweating just watching them...thats how much i hate takeoff..i dont even have to be on the plane to freak out haha!

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