I'm flying to Ireland this afternoon. I've only flown once before and I ended up in hospital with severe stomach pains and suspected appendicitis days before because I was so worried.

I managed it but I didn't like it one bit. So Now a brilliant work opportunity has come up and it's the only time where if I didn't go, I know i would regret it. My itinerary looks amazing. I've just got to do the flight to get the (and back!)

I was excited when I saw what I was doing, but now I'm sat here in tears wondering how I'm going to cop. I have some rescue remedy, but the long and short of it is I'm very frightened. I didn't like being so high up.

Anyone any tips, gratefully recieved - because I'm shaking like a leaf.

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Have you listened to all the sounds/videos on here? That will be helpful.

Remember....trust the facts not the fear :-)

Thanks, I'll have a look if I get a minute.

Have you got any kind of strategy for relaxing yourself? Breathing and suchlike. Start it now, before you get to the airport.

Don't try and force yourself to be okay - accept that you're going to be nervous, but remind yourself that as unpleasant as that feeling is, it's just a feeling, it'll pass and you'll be okay at the end of it.

Obviously keep thinking about the stuff that made you excited before and keep that in the forefront of your mind.

I guess you'll be off soon, but have you tried giving Keith a call? He's pretty nice to talk to :)

All the best for this afternoon!

It is a wonderful afternoon for flying- the views should be great !

Try to tell your self positive mantras  I will do this, I may feel nervous at this moment but it will pass -concentrate on the positives of the new venture-If you are still apprehensive after your flights perhaps attend one of keith's ground courses or gain every bit of knowledge and facts from the main web site to help your particular fear.

I bet you will soon be posting back on here how today's flight was not quite as bad as you had anticipated .

best wishes,


How did you get on Suzanne?


Was in bits in the car on the way (much to my husbands annoyance which didn't help). I had to go to one of the lounges to meet my colleagues who were having a glass of wine and although I was told not to drink, I had and glass and it took my mind off it. Did start to get worried going to the flight, but told the other people with me. One lady was so nice. she held my hand, distracted me, told me I was brave and explained the noises which was such a big help. I even managed to enjoy some of the views! The good thing was the flight was only 45 minutes long. I had such a good time in Belfast that I didn't think about flying back. On the way back I was a lot better, I did get nervous, but same lady helped again and it a made a huge difference. I am still nervous, but better than i was. So not sure where to go from here, because I don't know when I'll get the chance again. If I was doing it all the time  that would probably help. Had an amazing time and apart from the build up to going it didn't spoil my break like it did last time. Thank you for asking.

ps - thank you for all your kind replies - it was a bit difficult to take them all in at the time! Will look at this page next time

Yay!!! Very proud of you!


Distraction is great - I must be the only person who doesn't mind being near little kids on a flight because I watch them during take off and do the whole 'oooh look we're going up we're in the sky' malarky.  Little do they know its for me benefit and not theirs :)


I love that coming back you were 'nervous' and not terrified. That is a HUGE step and you should be really proud of yourself.

Thanks, had visions of them carting me off in a straight jacket! I am really proud of myself and glad it was just nervousness and not sheer terror.

I guess sometimes fear doesn't just disappear, it just gradually gets a little easier, I hope so anyway.

Well done, Suzanne! Sounds like you handled it really well.

It will never disappear for me - its gotten easier but I will never ever ever get on a plane without my tummy churning like a washing machine and me feeling sickly. 


Once I'm up in the air and settled I relax probably 80% but I've always got one eye on the wing for any upcoming bumps and jump out of my skin every time the little 'bleep' comes on when someone calls for cabin crew because I automatically think its going to be the sign to put your seatbelt on.


Its never going to be perfect but I can live with that and I'd never trade in how I am now for how it was at my worst x

suzanne shuttleworth said:

Thanks, had visions of them carting me off in a straight jacket! I am really proud of myself and glad it was just nervousness and not sheer terror.

I guess sometimes fear doesn't just disappear, it just gradually gets a little easier, I hope so anyway.

Suzanne - Are you tempted to book another flight? I know I am......:-)

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