Hi everyone


First of all, I’m really glad the old forum has come back on! Normally I would just read through all the information and posts on the site but this time I somehow feel I have to post something myself.


I’ve been a fearful flyer for the last 20 years and thanks to books, CDs, courses (the last one with Keith about 6 years ago) and several relaxation techniques it has become a lot better than it was, meaning I went from being tearful and panicky for up to 12 hours, depending on where I went, to being really tense and nervous and constantly repeating my „uncomfortable not dangerous” mantra. I still wasn’t happy about flying but this I could deal with it and even put a smile on my face fort he sake of my kids.

However, we’re due to go on a long awaited family holiday on Friday night, flying to Dubai from London with British Airways. I’ve done this many times before but for some reason it feels like I’m back to square one, feeling ridiculously nervous about going and even trying to convince the family to cancel on go somewhere else instead that doesn’t involve a 6-7 hours flight but maybe only 2 hours which I think I could cope with much easier – and of course I know that this doesn’t make sense at all!

My husband (who travels a lot for work and I’m never worried about HIM when he’s flying) does his best to reassure me but something just prevents all my usual techniques to make me go flying from working.

I’m sure that the recent events in Egypt and Paris have a lot to do with it but I guess I just need some ideas on how to get myself out of this state because I really don’t want to go back to crying and being absorbed by panic for a whole flight. Any tricks, advice or just reassurance are more than welcome, I guess I’m just a bit lost right now….


Thanks x



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I would suggest making yourself really busy on the days leading up the flight and the day itself...it will help take your mind off of your fears.

Re the recent events...I understand your concern..but does this concern also extend to rock concerts, going out for food, going to the beach etc?...as awful as they are they are very very...ill type it again, very rare.

Best wishes

Hi Alexa

Remember that nothing  with regard to flying has changed, planes are still safe and you are the same you.


HI, You have done this route before , build on all that you have experienced in the past to allow you to fly, keep telling yourself I CAN DO IT, be positive  and you will do it.- treat yourself to a good book, glossy magazines etc once on board plan which films you will watch , allow for meal breaks  and the flight will pass by quickly and will be the same as all the others.

Dubai was 28 degrees when I stopped over for changing planes- enjoy, while we freeze back in U.K

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