Hello all


I got drunkenly talked into going on a Carribean cruise last year and im flying this friday, in total its gonna be 4 flights with Air France, I fly from Manchester to Paris - then Paris to Miami, im really really worried about it for 2 main reasons - first of all i havent been on a long haul flight in about 10 years and secondly im flying with Air France!!


I know Air France has been discussed on here before but it was just on the subject of the crash itself and i havent found any discussions of people being anxious to fly with them, i was just wondering if it has made them really improve on the quality of the airbus? im guessing naturally when a disaster happens it would make the airline even more safer than before.


I think i just need the reassurance


Thanks in advance

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General, Field Marshall Commander...

Well done

Well as most of you may have heard by now there is a volcanic ash cloud heading over the UK, this is just my luck! We are heading to Miami but I'm really worried about this now, we have rang air France and they have said everything is on schedule but as you all can imagine I'm s******g myself I think I would rather stay another day or two to be sure, I will be flying at around 11pm UK time so arriving in France early tomorrow morning?

I have been constantly checking the news and they are making sound really serious, not sure what to do , should I be worrying ? Could this ash cloud have dispersed by the time we get closer to the UK ?


Captain Keith said:
General, Field Marshall Commander... Well done

No You should not be worrying...there are experts thinking about this matter. As a professional pilot I would leave the decision to them, so I think you should too.

Hello, thanks agai Keith

Just an update, the flights got cancelled and im currently still in Miami, bit of a nightmare really, i just wanna get home, im liasing with family at home who are trying to get me a direct flight from here to anywhere in britain, Air France have basically said go away til sunday at the earliest

Is there any other airlines other than Virgin, BA, BMI, American Airlines that do trans-atlantic which i could look into?

thanks again

Captain Keith said:
No You should not be worrying...there are experts thinking about this matter. As a professional pilot I would leave the decision to them, so I think you should too.

The airprt will have the most up to date information...

Hello all

Well i have finally got some good news, the last 5 days have been one of the most horrendous experiences of not knowing ive ever had, i have been along with my friends literally depressed, but after constant trips to Miami airport Air France have managed to get us on a flight in 4 hours!! im currently using a friends smartphone, its been very hard here in America as the news on the volcanic ash matter here has had hardly any attention as its not really affected, and we are all absolutely skint.

We came to the airport early arriving already feeling and looking defeated, then they said that we were on standby for a flight later tonight, they also told us the chances were extremely slim of getting on it, but we have just been told we are on it!! its flying to Paris but i think we have to make our own way back from there - but we really dont care as we will be so much closer to home.

Even though i feel elated there is still the worry that the ash in the air could damage the engines? but on the flip side i would imagine an airline like Air France not to be taking any chances and be certain the the flying zone is safe? its gonna be a mixed feeling on the flight i guess - 50% joy 50% panicking

anyway thanks again for all the support, i will keep you all updated on our progress
By the time you get this you'll prob have got a flight home too

Not quite but thanks for replying so quick

just having a few drinks in the airport to calm the nerves, i hear that Royal Navy ships are going to be ferrying people back to the UK, we had to sign a document saying that Air France would only take us as far as Paris, so going to look into flights as soon as we land and if that is unsuccessful we will look into trains and eventually the ferry accross the channel.

Its an experience i will not forget

Captain Keith said:
By the time you get this you'll prob have got a flight home too

Come on Soldier!


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