I just discovered this site yesterday, and I felt that it would be a good place to find some help. On July 24th I am flying to Montreal from Memphis, with a connection in Chicago. These are two short flights - under two hours each - in a small plane, the Embraer RJ145 Amazon. I've never flown in this plane, or on this airline (American Airlines) before. When I looked up information about the plane, I saw people complaining about how uncomfortable it was, and how much it shook during turbulence.

I know that turbulence isn't going to kill me, but it's the part of flying I hate the most. Any small bump or shake makes me panic. In fact, it's gotten so bad that even thinking about my upcoming flight has made me start hyperventilating and tearing up. I haven't had any really bad flying experiences - nothing out of the ordinary has happened on any flights I've taken - but every time I get on a plane I'm still nervous. I can't relax, I can't read, I can't listen to music. All I do is panic and pray.

I know I'm being silly, and I tell myself to stop acting this way, but I can't help but be nervous these days even if I so much as see a plane flying in the sky. Does anyone have any advice or book recommendations for me? I've been thinking about buying one of the books from the website, which ones have worked the best for you?

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The books and DVD worked for me if you read my story it explains how i feel confident about flying my best advise is watch all the videos and audio and take Keiths advice( and other people success storys) if i had not discovered this web-site i would still be going to Spain by coach !
Hi Diana

Welcome to the best place in the world to help you.

I'm with Ronnie on all counts....the book is fantastic and not 'teccy' it's easy to understand but explains so much.

This is my story, maybe it will give you some hope that you CAN come to terms with your fears :)



Your story is amazing! It was a little inspiring to read about your courage, I do admit. After reading some of the posts on the site and the articles, I'm starting to feel a little better ... I actually saw a plane in the sky today and didn't panic!

Hi ....don't worry about what people say about planes...make you own judgement...I love the plane you're talking about. And I bet it's a great machine to fly.

You mustn't say "I know I'm being silly, and I tell myself to stop acting this way, ". Instead what you should say is " feeling this way doesn't help me". If it were as easy as just telling yourself none of us would have any problems in our lives. And to test this idea ask yourself the question. How much has calling myself silly actually helped me?

Turbulence is something you shouldn't worry about...but you do, so you've got to re-think your ideas on what you think turbulence is and what its effects are. If you don't like the feelings and not many of us do then you've got to accept that you'll never like turbulence...but you won't come to any harm because of it. If you think the plane or crew can't withstand it then you've got to re-educate yourself about what turbulence is.

The CD Set would be particularly uuseful because Jasper has such a soothing voice that you can take him flying with you for re-assurance.

Keep in touch and tell us how things are going please. And keep asking me questions...because I'm here to help you.

Captain Keith

I downloaded the CD set just now ... I haven't listened to it all yet, but from the previews, I can tell that it's going to help. I'm already starting to feel less anxious about the trip, and just yesterday I drove down to the airport and back to watch planes take off and land - all without any visible problems, I might add!

Thank you so much,

Well, it's time. I'm going to be at the airport in an hour, and my plane leaves at 9 AM. I feel more relaxed now that I have more information about flying, but I hope I can carry this spirit with me onto the plane.
Good on you...that's the way to do it...get on and face it and take action...perfect.

Speak soon I hope

I want to download the CD set also but I don't know how to do it! as I'm from Libya the website doesn't accept my Visa net card, please help!
Just to let everyone know - not only did I make it, but it was one of the smoothest, most comfortable flights I'd ever been on. I have to say that the CD helped a great deal, as I could now identify the sources of any sounds or unexpected movements. Thank you so much, Captain, and everybody, for your support! I'm now having a wonderful time in Montreal.

Yipee! Well done well done well done!

Keep on enjoying yourself and I hope you'll let us know all about your flight home again.

Do the same things on the next flight as you did on this one....don't let your guard down.

Wonderful news...so pleased for you.

heya i went on this plane a few weeks ago in mexico and i was very worried about it but it was the most smoothest fight i had out of the 10 flights i had on my trip, feels like the plane just floated through the clouds :)

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