Hello everyone.
Tomorrow I go to Nairobi for company's global IT conference. Feeling a bit jittery, but not as nervous as in the past. Am excited because my wife and I decided to throw financial caution to the wind and she is coming out there and we'll be going on safari and to the coast for a week after my work is finished.

So I'm getting into the swing of things by imagining myself in turbulence but instead of imagining myself as a fearful flyer, I am imagining me thinking, "uncomfortable, wish I hadn't had that beer at the airport lounge because I really gotta go and, hmm, what would MacGyver do in this situation, " but NOT unsafe. I am imagining landing in Africa safe and sound with a feeling of triumph and accomplishment.

Re-listening to the podcasts and MP3s, also watching the videos. I think a small part of my nervousness is that I am flying out with work colleagues so I feel I have to be "on" even though I am open about being a nervous flier. Last two trips it was just me alone.

Good luck to all who are flying, it is definitely possible to do it.

PS Since I don't know what US TV shows are broadcast in Britain, in case people don't get the reference, MacGyver was somewhat silly, but funny show in which the private detective uses his wits to improvise ways to get out of tough situations, such as having to use the bathroom when the seat belt sign is on ;-)

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Here in Nairobi. Flights were fine. of course. well have another long distance trip halfway under my belt. don't think any more work trips on the horizon. but visiting parental units in Florida is a possibility, but selfishly hoping to hold that off until after summer.

I wouldn't wish Florida in July on my worst enemy.

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