Haven't flown long haul since '08, have always been scared of flying but I really seem to have worked myself up about this one, I think because of the recent Malaysian incidents and just how scary the world is in general these days, I have been taking some Valium this week to keep me calm and have a strong sleeping pill for the journey home which is overnight, as terrified as I am of flying, I'm triple terrified of flying at night.  I've been looking at the videos on here and reading all the tips, they do help but I know once I'm up there, all I think of is being suspended 33k feet in the air in a metal box.

Just wanted to share my madness really so thanks for reading!!

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You're not suspended as if there's nothing supporting you. What are the wings doing?

If you think like this on the ground you're certain to think it in the air because you're telling yourself that you will. Time to change your thoughts.

Not madness, just anxiety.



Thank you Captain Keith, really going to try relaxation and breathing etc, have just been looking up the inflight movies and what food is on offer and what book to bring and trying to get myself calm and rationale about it all!  Trying to sort of lull myself into 'looking forward' to it!

That's the answer ... think about the benefits ....

and NEW YORK  wow what a place, if you don't love it I'll be amazed


Would you believe this is the 6th time I've been in my 48 years?!!  I get worse every time!

New York TP you lucky thing! We got married there in 2010.

Remember, the plane operates the same at night as it does in the day.

Pack yourself some extra goodies in your bag, something special. I always get a small box of special chocs! :-)

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