Hi everyone, starting to get a bit apprehensive before my flight. I think it's going to take around 11 hours there, 13 back and a few short ones in between. Last time I used this site, knowing people were supporting you and sending positive messages really helped. Also if anyone has advice on dealing with chlaustrophobia or panic attacks it'd really help.



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Hi Sarah

The simplest and most effective action to overcome panic attacks and claustrophobia is to regulate your breathing pattern. Search the internet for diaphragmatic breathing. Follow the routine carefully and do it when you are feeling anxious...it's a good thing to practice it regularly so that when you are feeling anxious you can go straight into the routine.

Only 3 days to go now, have been practising deep breathing and trying to visualise me calm on a plane. Just hope all my anxieties ease in depratures like they did before.

Leaving tomorrow!!
Hi Sarah

I'm just off to a radio interview...will be with you this afternoon. Try ringing me on 01420 588628 if you want to chat.Or send me your number via the message thing on this network.

Well got to SA and the long flight was fine. Have been in some v v small aircraft to get to the safari but managed to overcome it. Today we ended up in storm clouds in a v small plane which really scared me but I got through it. Just didn't enjoy the drops in the stomach. Two flights to go but feeling positive and having an amazing hol :)
Wish we were there! Thanks for the message...keep enjoying it.


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