Hi Keith/everyone,

I have just purchased your Flying without fear book and I am looking forward to recieving it.

I hand in my last piece of coursework into University on the 15th May and graduate shortly after so to celebrate I am going to Benalmadena for a week.

I've flown lots to places such as Mexico and Cuba but I just can't help but feel nervous and scared. Particularly wehere Turbulence is concerned.

So I'm hoping that swapping the University books for Flying without fear will help me feel a bit better about it all!!! :o)


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Hi Everyone,

Well, I recieved my book this afternoon and it is now read from cover to cover...:o)

Made for interesting reading and I am definately feeling better about things.

Think I'll take it on the plane with me so if I get too nervous I can read it again!!
Hi Claire,

Great. I'm glad you've enjoyed reading the book. I must say I'm really flattered when people say they read it in a day or in one go. The thing I forgot to say in the book is if you give it to anyone else when you've finished reading it you're supposed to tear out a few pages so they have to buy a new one.

Have a lovely holiday and please let us know how you get on...and remember we're here for support and encouragement anytime.

Best wishes


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