P>I used to love flying and was flying quite a lot in the past 6 years. for the first two years I loved it and then it become a nightmare. I hate everything about flying and I am scared of plane crashing!!!!!

I am now flying in two weeks after avoiding it for a year and not looking forward to it. I am flying with Ryanair as it lands in the best location for me.

I know the safety regulations are the same for all airlines but still somehow stories about Ryanair and the rush while boarding the plane scares me.The cabin crew seems very young and perhaps inexperienced, not sure about the pilots as you can't see them. 

Please give me your opinion about their planes and safety and staff. I have to go through this flight and be calm!!! I want to be happy I am going home after a year. HELP!

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I can empathise with you on this one totally as I am a bit of a brand snob..thats why I eat Heinz baked beans and not Aldi's..because in my misgiuded and mistaken view Aldi's ones are off the floor and full of fat, e numbers, sugar and salt! lol...in all seriusness though, the major factor that unsettled me when I last flew to America was the fact that it wasnt with a 'proper' carrier (Travelcity on a plane run by XL airways, who I had never heard of)...I did far to much 'research' before I flew and fuelled my fear to the very brim.

I even stood at the window in Gatwick checking the exterior, the packaging of the plane over (in case he ground crew had missed something that needed to be brought to their attention by a painter and decorator!!!???) By the time I got on the plane I was looking for things I really didnt want to see..finding any possible reason to justify my fear, to prove myself right...after all none of us really want to be proven wrong do we? ..scuffy seats = broken engines!..tired looking overhead lockers=dodgy landing gear!...a torn sign pointing to the toilets=the wings will fall off as soon as we take off!!...ridiculous eh?

All those things completely fogged the fact that no pilot / aircrew etc would want to fly a plane if they felt there would be any question of airworthyness...remember they are at the business end.

From what I can gather Karolina Ryanair has some of the newest aircraft in its fleet...they are also a big name in aviation hence I would imagine that will also demand very high standards.

And, for the record..Aldi's baked beans taste great..they never made me ill, certainly as good as anyone else's...shame about the 'packaging though..
I flew with Ryanair recently and was really really impressed. The planes are very new and modern. The crew were really polished, smart, helpful and polite. I am 100% sure they do not compromise in any area regarding safety. On my return flight, the pilot walked the length of the plane before take off and he looked - although fairly young maybe mid twenties - very serious and capable.
The only thing annoyed me a bit was they sent us down to the actual gate before the plane had arrived because it was a bit delayed (I guess in line with trying to turn planes around quickly and keeping to schedule), so we're waiting in a tunnel area for an hour with loads of people and no chairs, nothing but a couple of toilets and an empty desk!! My toddlers were very bored so that wasn't much fun for us or them.
Personally I think they are fantastic airline. People complain about them, but if I book a flight from UK to Guernsey return or south england - Glasgow return with another airline, it will cost me more than flying Ryanair from UK - Ireland - I expect to pay a certain amount and if I paid a low fare I would be worried about how they can afford to maintain things, so I don't mind at all about the hidden charges as i'm paying a fair price - not too cheap, not too expensive. I guess they shouldn't market themselves as cheap they should be more upfront but they are really really good safe airline. I had the same worries as you, but I was watching the engineers do the checks before we took off and they were spinning the blades around and looking inside the plane - they have to do their safety checks and the pilot will not take off before they are done so don't worry about it.

Also remember that BA is really in debt and Ryanair is doing very well... so I would view them as equally safe rather than traditionally thinking BA is perhaps safer?
Thanks guys, I suppose I am trying to look for any reason... I really want to be ok, I am fed up of being scared but my imagination and bad feelings about something bad happening unfortunately wins most of the times...
IMAGINATION - That I think might be one of the problems… I think I found out quite a lot about technical stuff and safety etc. But why still stupid thoughts, imagination, believing in signs and feelings, win over common sense...?
Do you know, that on the way to Shannon for our flight back i saw loads of 'signs' including a signpost for the 'mortuary' in the airport (on the way to drop off the hire car!), and a crow sitting on the wing - and our flight was fine, i think if you're looking for signs you will see them. Think positive :)

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