Its that time again , I am back on this great site , got the book and dvd out, its nearly a year since I last flown , and my wife and I are off to Spain next week.

I am ok just now but have come on this site to watch videos and read all the members storys , the advice here is excellent from Keith , so its just like a refresher for me , this site the books and dvds helped me big time a few years ago .

Looking forward to our holidays, and as the capt on the flight always says "We are making our final preparations for takeoff "  that's what I am doing by revisting this site!

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Another one here making final preparations! The book and cd's are my best friend at the moment!

well done ronnie...sounds like you've got this licked mate!!

have a great holiday

andyb99 said:

well done ronnie...sounds like you've got this licked mate!!

have a great holiday

Thanks Andy     before I joined I would be so stressed out and worried about  the flight I even went to Spain by coach a couple of times it took 41 hrs  from central Scotland to Benidorm. 

Now it takes 2 hrs and 45mins by flying and I have Keith to thank, so if you are a nervous flyer this website will help you so much, Keith deals in facts he has flown more flights that I have hot dinners ha! ha! the man is a legend .

So please take his advise read his books buy the dvds it will change your outlook !

Hi Ronnie, yep im already there mate i'm flying about 5k-7k miles a month at the moment although June is looking nice and quiet for me.....still like to come here and join in tho!!

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