I'm flying from Naples to London in 6 days, flight leaves at midday and I believe takes a couple of hours.
On the bad side, I'm worried about thunderstorms (you get a lot of them this time of year in South Italy) & consequently thinking about turbulence, being hit by lightning, etc. etc. which is NOT HELPFUL. :)
On the good side, I am going to try and make this flight go as well as possible, by doing the following:
- printing out some of the reassuring statements on the website to read as I get on board
- trying to remember that worrying does not do any good at all.
- concentrating on all the fun things I am going to do in the UK
- trying to see flying as safe and normal.
- concentrating on breathing well and relaxing the whole time I'm in the airport, and any time I think about flying.

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Sounds like you've got a good plan there and doing all these should make you feel more relaxed on the flight.
There was a post recently... think it was a topic about Thomson airways in the Ask The Captain page about thunderstorms when flying. May help you relax if you read about it :) In summary it talks about how pilots can see on radar or are informed about storms so they can avoid them.

I'm sure you'll be ok
Thanks! I did see that post. I'll read and re-read :)
Here's a thought from I learned from Keith that really hit home with me for a recent cross country trip. The crew from your flight in six days -- they're not thinking about your flight right now -- because to them it's just another day at the office. Thunderstorms? They're either going to wait for them to clear or fly around them. After all, they've got family and friends to go home to also, so they're not going to do anything dangerous.
Yes, that is a really good point, and reassuring. Thanks, David.

If it helps comfort you I would bet my life savings quite happily that your plane journey will be completely non-eventful and you will land worrying what all the fuss was about.

Although turbulance is not nice these planes can tolerate way more of it then you will ever have to fly through and the chances are you will have none at all or so mild it won't bother you.

On the plus side your flight is nice and short so by the time you read your magazine you will probably have landed.
I would bet my life savings quite happily that your plane journey will be completely non-eventful and you will land worrying what all the fuss was about.

:) :) You know, this actually DOES comfort me! I was thinking something along the same lines the other day, that here is this forum full of people who are nervous about flying just like me... and yet I am sure that they will all fly safely... so presumably I will too.
I've downloaded discs 1 and 2 of the audio help, they're very helpful. Can't get disc 3 to download however, but I think this is the fault of my internet connection, which is really slow (disc 1 took 14 hours to download!). I'll try again when back in the UK.
Have also now got a rubber band on my wrist which I am snapping every time I think something along the lines of ''I won't get there safely' - I can't remember if I read this suggestion on the website or elsewhere, but it works very well. It forces you to notice that you are having a thought like that, and gives you the chance to stop and consider it, instead of letting it slide into your subconscious.
It's so strange that I could set off on a drive from Brussels to Naples without once thinking 'I won't make it', when that is obviously a far more dangerous thing to do, and yet a short flight provokes these thoughts. I really ought to concentrate my worrying on something that needs it - like how I am going to get everything into my suitcase! :)
We leave for the airport at 8 am tomorrow. Just wanted to say, I have been listening to the CDs and reading the e-book, and I feel much more prepared for taking a flight than I ever have before. It helps a lot just to know that there are around a million flights taking off in the world every day. I am actually almost looking forward to the flight so I can see whether I actually feel more relaxed during it now! I certainly feel more relaxed now, the night before the flight, than I have done in the past.
However, now I keep having the (completely illogical) feeling that because I've prepared, and tried to relax, and learn something about flying, and as a result feel less stressed, something bad will happen! Ugh! I HATE that feeling. It's like something in my head is saying 'don't relax... it's tempting fate to relax...' :(
It is not tempting fate to relax...but it's a feeling everyone gets.

If you believe in fate there's nothing to worry about is there?

If you believe in fate how can it change with what you think?

Ignore fate and deal with facts...you'll be fine, that's a promise

I flew to Chicago last week which was the best part of 9hrs each way and it was fine. I think the fasten seat belt sign came on once and I'm pretty sure it was a ploy to keep us sat down while they served the meal (although Keith will probably tell me otherwise!!).

So if I had 18hrs with not an ounce of trouble then your flight is titchy in size so you'll be peachy :)
Well done Jo

I'm pleased your flight went so well.

Without giving away secrets of the trade it isn't unknown that a helping hand from the seat belt signs makes the service a bit easier for the cabin crew on occasions!

But don't tell anyone.

Thanks Jo! It actually did go absolutely fine. I found the waiting to board and the take-off by far the most stressful bit. But I was sitting next to a wonderful lady who let me hold her hand and was sympathetic and talked to me, and that made everything so much better. It is so great to know there are such kind people in the world - she really made a huge difference for me. Then more or less everything after that was fine. I got nervous when the plane wobbled a bit, but the seatbelt light didn't even come on, so I could tell that no-one else was even noticing it, and I kept on thinking 'turbulence is uncomfortable, not dangerous' :) and it worked. Looking out of the window also helped enormously. It felt less as if I was stuck in a little metal box, and I could get a sense of where I was and that helped me feel more in control, and also reminded me there was a lot of room for the plane to manouvre in. Also it was fascinating looking down at the rivers and the Alps, that I forgot to be scared at times, it was so interesting, like a living geography lesson :) I'd recommend it if you're claustrophobic... not if you're scared of heights though!
p.s. I seem to be registered on this forum twice - I don't know what happened, I forgot to change my password and it sent me a link to change it, but it then just created a new profile for me instead. Anyone know what I can do about it?

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