I am so scared about my flight tomorrow...I can't picture being on the plane...I just want to stay home..I think I might not go...my friend will never talk to me again though...but I'm sdcared..I wouldn't ask her to do something she was terrified of...

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Hi Francesca,
I don't know if this'll reach you on time but I know exactly the feelings you have, the "sleepless night before" and the arguments going on in your head about the "how and why" you got into this situation in the first place and the conviction that you'll never ever ever get caught up in something like this again no matter who its for.

All that is "normal" for us anxious and panicky folks. A couple of quotes from a book by R. Reid Wilson Ph.D may help now: "In a paradoxical way, panic lives off your willingness to fight it or run from it." He goes on to say, in the same section of the book: "This then is the paradox. You must always work actively towards your goals. However, when panic stands in your way, you take control of it by not pushing or struggling. You slow down long enough to regain control. Then continue on your way."

Remember the breathing exercises. And here's another bit from Dr. Claire Weekes, one of the pioneers of the medical profession to deal with panic and anxiety conditions: "Jelly legs will get you there if you will let them. It is only a feeling, not a true muscular weakness. Don't be bluffed by jelly legs....let them wobble. They can carry you across the street whether they wobble or not. And don't think you must hold tensely on to yourself from collapsing. Its the holding on that exhausts not the letting go." So all the professional and expert advice is, flow with the fear and let it slide past (as it will inevitably do so) - let all your muscles "slump" and "relax" and do the breathing exercises and focus on the positive goals. Take heart. My thoughts are with you. And I hope you find the strength to go through with the flight. Best wishes. Frank Edwards.
Hey Frank-

I made it...i was so grateful you wrote back...i kept checking my email prior to boarding and it made me feel better when i saw you replied. I was practically in tears... I forced my self to walk on the plane and sit..my friend knew the pilot by coincidence so he took us in the cock pit and was teasing me a bit...which helped...also there was two other pilots on the plane one sat near me..so i talked his ear off..another was sitting near me but got up to move and i was like...you can sit by me..he was like uhhh no thank you..i think he thought i was hitting on him...lol... the flight was decent...a little bumby but i was just breathing and staring at the seat ahead of me. I am already scared for flight home. I cant wait to land in Philly and be home! Thank you again for taking the time to write me back..i kept thinking of jelly legs,...they got me to Punta cana, know i hope they can get me home!
Hi Francesca,
I'm absolutely delighted for you that you made the trip. Its fantastic to read your note and I can really feel the great sense of personal achievement that comes shining through in your words. Really brilliant. I'm glad you got my note in time and that the little bit from Dr. Weekes helped so much. She was a very brilliant and understanding lady and the world of medicine and psychology and everyone (me included) who has benefitted from her writings owe her a great debt for all she's done to help our understanding of anxiety conditions. Have a fabulous time over the weekend, enjoy the party and give yourself huge congratulations and ten out of ten for making the journey. I'd love to hear from you when you get back and let us know how things work out. You're a great example of guts and determination to all of us on this site. Congratulations and well done. Frank.

Well done....fantastic.......you'll inspire hundreds of people , if not thousands who look at this site.


Captain Keith
Made it to philly!! Sooooo relieved... I wasn't panicky before..well I was but kept it in check..I really did. I made myself like a robot..making myself get on the plane. I took .75 of xanax. It helped me calm my nerves but my thoughts were stull irrational...the fligjt itself was pretty smooth...thank god...but when it did get bumpy I stared counting to 80, like I read on this website and that helped a lot!! My friend got a little sick so I was tending to her which took my mind off it..all in all I got through it.but will not be flying again...anytime soon...
Hey Francesca

The very best thing to do is to fly again whenever there's a reason to. Don't put it off face it like you did on this trip and your life will change. You don't have to like flying...just to deal with it. Like you have done on these trips.

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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