My trip is now 5 days away and the panic is setting in, sitting in bed this morning bawling as a  I feel like when I leave it will be the last time I ever see my children.  I don't have faith in airplanes and how they can possibly fly, it just seems so unnatural.  No one close to me understands how I feel and there answer is to just "have a drink at the airport". 


It is too late to start the fear of flying course before I go.  Please give me some info or somewhere I can find some good info that will reassure me that this will all be ok, that planes don't explode or just fall out of the sky.

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Hi Justine, Try and think in a different way- think of how many 'planes are flying throughout the world at this very moment as you read this message-thousands. Think of how many 'planes have taken off and landed at the major U K airports today, quite safely-several hundred.Read through as many of the positive posts on this valuable site and as much information provided by Captain Keith on the main site, Tell yourself that you CAN do the flights, easier said I know but only you can work on your fear of flying. Focus on why you vare flying and think of how fantastic you will feel once you are back home with 2 successful flights achieved.Go for it, face your fears and you will grow as a wishes, Elizabeth.( who did not fly for 20+ years and who is now making up for lost time by travelling and seeing cultures and places I once only could only dream about)
I'm flying on 13th June too and I totally understand how you are feeling. Where are you flying from? Perhaps if it was the same airport we could meet if the times where right?? I'd come and say hello and support you. I've come along way since my fear started. I used to have terrible thoughts about all sorts of things that were never going to happen really. My imagination was wild. I've learnt to control it and I don't let the thoughts even enter my head. I pop them out with good vibes and it's really worked. It's been hard mind you and takes time and perseverance. But you can do it too. I can reassure you that planes don't just fall out of the sky. Planes are designed to fly and just can't help but fly!! You say people close to you say ''have a drink'' - I must say though that I do have a drink at the airport. Just a cheeky glass of wine and it really does relax me. It's not for everyone and I'm not saying get drunk so you can't stand, but it does help me and get me in the holiday spirit as well. You will be more than fine. Keith has flown hundreds of times and nothing ever happened to him. Nothing has ever happened to all my friends who jet off and return safely each year. Don't hold back and don't let it beat you. Take each day as it comes and pat yourself on the pack at every stage you get through like getting to the airport, checking in etc. Small steps remember. People often say 'look at the bigger picture' but when it comes to this don't. Small chunks. All the best and have a lovely holiday x
Hi Fay
We are flying out of Toronto, you?
Oh Justine I kinda forgot this was a world wide web thing!! Doh! I'm in England and thought you might of been going from one of our airports. Silly me! How you feeling now??
Yeah I forget too and assume everyone is flying out of Canada! We actually have to land at Heathrow and then take another plane to Dublin, wish it was a direct flight. Yesterday was a really bad day, had a few anxiety attacks and almost backed out on the whole thing. Feeling a little better today. Will see how the next 3 days go...

Stick with it and just like Fay did you'll find a way of controlling your thoughts and's not easy but it sure is worth it. I used to visit Toronto every 3 months or so when my son lived there. I even conquered my fear of heights and went up the CN Tower....after many failed attempts. It was the encouragement and support I got from people on the old forum that helped me in fact.

Have a good flight and enjoy your visit.

Let us know about the trip when you get back.

Glad you're feeling better today Justine. Take comfort from that. Some days are good and some days are bad, but it's remembering the good that count. Also I used to be worried about panic attacks, but now I know and understand that they don't last forever and the fact that you come out the other end reassures me too. Step by step, little by little and you will get there. Also trust me when I say that the thought of doing it is a lot worse than the actually doing it!! Oh and the buzz you get from beating it is amazing!

Let me know how you get on. I will let you know how I get on too. We're flying the same day and I will think of you when I'm doing it.

Sorry I can't help you, but you are not alone. I feel the same as you. I am flying on 22nd june and will have my little boy with me. I feel so scared if anything goes wrong, how can I protect my son? I also feel when I leave for the airport that I will never see my home or family and friends again. I spoke to Captain Keith last year about my fears, he really helped and I had my best flight ever,( well slightly less scared than normal). Now I feel I have risked flying many times and this time my luck will run out. You must be off soon, maybe we can help each other.

Risk what Risk? Oh I know the car drive to the airport, falling down the stairs falling off a ladder, food poisoning, car accident, being mugged. Why ion earth will your luck run out? Why? What evidence is there? Statistics? No they will show you that your luck will not run out. You'll never fly as many hours as I've done and I'm still here so are my friends Derek, Clive, Colin, Andrew, John, Lisa, Helen, Brian Graeme Kevin, Jim, Ian, David , Alan ................and hundreds and thousands of other crew members I don't know .

Stop it! There's no risk when flying compared to a normal day. Most people up in the air today will be a whole lot safer than the same number of people on the ground.

Try if you can to avoid emotive language. You can protect your son by reading the safety card listening to the safety briefing and briefing your son on what to do prepared to get out of the plane when other people sit around wondering what to do.


Then having taken that sensible precaution sit back and enjoy the flight. That's exactly what I still do every trip.

We are leaving tomorrow night! Part of me is starting to put it all into perspective and the anxiety level is coming down enought that a small part of me is a little bit excited about this trip. There is another part of me that is afraid to let go of the fear, as if it is able to protect me somehow. Any one else feel this way? If flying is not a risky thing to do why am I (and so many others) so afraid of it? Why does my mind always go to the catastrophic "what if's'?

I am so glad I found this site and hopefully I will be back in a week to let you know how great it all went.
OMG Justine, You have just described me perfectly. A big part of me is rational now. Everything in perspective. And a part of me is actually excited. Then I remember im supposed to be afraid and my mind seems to search for the reasons I should be scared!, to protect myself.

We both have made progress, the rational side is starting to take over. Im off on Weds, Gatwick to Rhodes.

Where are you flying to?

Hi Julie,
We are flying to Dublin (Toronto to Heathrow, Heathrow to Dublin). 7 hrs the first leg and just over an hour the 2nd.

Have a great trip! Rhodes is beautiful!

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