Hi everyone


It' s that time of year again when I grab my bags, suncream and passport and jet off to the sun. I'm leaving on Tuesday for Croatia.


I'm looking forward to the holiday and I'm feeling pretty good about the flight. I was going to say "surprisingly" but with all the help I've had from you all over the past few years, I'm not surpirsed that I feel much more in control.


I've already begun my pre-flight routine of coming on here as much as I can, reading the book and listening to the audio CDs. It's really helping. I've had none of the jitters I've experienced on past flights. No nightmares, no feeling of dread and impending death. I feel like I am in full control of the situation and I feel fully ready to board the flight.


I know that this might change over the next 5 days, but right now, I feel confindent and ready to cope with any irrational thoughts that creep in to my head.


I'll keep you all posted on my progress.


Thank you all for helping me get there.



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Hi Terry,

hope you have a lovely time in Croatia.

Im glad ur feeling positive about the flight. Keep it up!


Things will only change if you let them change. Keep doing whatever you have been doing because it's working. Of course you might have a setback, but if you do just accept it as part of going forward.


Captain Keith
Well you have gone today and no other posts so you must have done great over the last 5 days. I go on Sunday and I'm in the same position as you and I'm currently doing my pre-flight routine. All is good at the moment. Hurry up back and let us know how you got on x
Wll done Terry

Try to keep it up. The thing I remembered is there is 2 sides your panic side and your control side, dont let the panic win as it will take over, keep telling yourself I am going to be in control and I am going to enjoy this flight it is perfectly safe, I am not going to let my panic get the better of me and breathe. Sounds silly to some but it really worked for me.

Hi everyone

Thank you for all your kind words.

Well I'm back in Britain after a glorious week in Croatia. And getting there was so much easier than I thought.


Tuesday June 8th was a wet and miserable morning in Bristol. What a day to be heading to the sun. I slept really well the night before the flight and when I woke at 4am, I felt ready to go to the airport and board the flight. What a contrast from 18 months ago when I'd have had a broken night of sleep and would be feeling sick by now. We boarded the flight and took our seats. The cabin crew looked so professional and the pilot gave us the first of many briefings on our flight. But as we pushed back, there was a problem. The pilot came across the pa system to inform us that there was a technical problem with one of the engines. Something about an air valve not working correctly and he was unable to start the engine correctly. The pilot brought the aircraft back on stand and within 15 minutes it was sorted. Throughout this time, I have to admit, there were moments when those irrational silly thoughts tried to get in to my head. "What if" and "what about" and "is it safe"? I fought with my demons until the pilot eventually came back on the pa system to inform us it had been repaired. But for extra reassurance, he told us all that the air valve in question was not needed for any further part of the flight. He assured us all that the aircarft was fully "serviceable" and we were ready to hit the road to Croatia. I was slightly confused with my reations. Where was the sheer panic? If this had happened 18 months ago I think I may have gotten off the plane. But now, I was willing to accept that the pilot was correct and the plane was fully "serviceable" and we were ready to go. The rest of the flight was uneventful. I managed to watch an episode of Gavin and Stacey in relative calm and even listened to some cheesy music. Before I knew it were landing in Croatia and I was ready to start my holiday.

After a blissful 7 days, it was time to come back. Most of the flight went really well. During take-off, I kept saying out loud what the pilots would have been saying. V1 - ROTATE - POSITIVE FLIGHT - GEAR UP. The passenger next to me must have thought I was slighlty crazy. In a funny way it helped normalise it all for me. When I said "gear up" I could hear all the clunking noisies from the wheels. It made it seem that little bit more normal........About an hour in to the flight though, it started to get bumpy, very bumpy. I remembering sitting there thinking to myself, this is your chance Terry. This is your chance to be in turbulence and not panic. I kept reminding myself of all the things I had learned about turbulence. Turbulence is uncomfortable but that's not the same as dangerous. The fasten seat belt sign never came on though so it probably wasn't as bad as I thought. Even still, after 10 minutes, it was over. And when it was, I was delighted with myself for being so brave and getting through it. The best thing was, the thought of it didn't linger in my head. In the past I would have been sat there waiting for it to get bumpy again. Not this time. 45 minutes later we were on the ground.

Overall, I feel as if I'm getting more comfortable every time I fly. So much of it is down to the knowledge and support I have received on here. When I do feel a niggly thought coming in to my head, I just remind myself of everything Captain Keith has told me about flying. Flying is SAFE! Bring on the next flight.

Terry x

Brilliant...bring it on ...

Captain Keith

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