i saw the fighter jet today near manchester airport...just 2 weeks ago i flew back from doha on an Qatar a330 (like the one today..maybe the same one...maybe not)...as i saw the jet i wondered why it was in civilian airspace such as MAN ....then as i was driving home i saw a lot of emergency vehicles..and naturally thought the worst.

i got home and put on the news and saw it was a hoax....WHAT THE **** could be in somebodies mind to do that.....I would have proper cacked myself if i'd seen a fighter jet escorting us in!!!

once again we focus on the good....nobody was hurt....there was most probably never a chance of a threat from a security perspective but they did the right thing taking it seriously.

i really hope they make a very serious example of him and lock him up to deter other from making ridiculous but very scary threats.

oh...and dont worry...no relapse for me....i'm still not scared of flying!!!!

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How have you managed to no longer be scared of flying ? Was you bad before ?

Good points


Hi Samantha, well yes i was a very fearful flyer....and its simply a case of having to fly a lot for my job...so i decided not to be scared anymore and to embrace the exciting world i now lived in!!

here helped...i surrounded myself with knowledge as asked stupid questions which were always answered....once you fly a lot you realise everything is routine and every flight is the same....dont get me wrong.....i still cant sleep on a plane....but i dont panic anymore and the more i do it the better i am!!!

ofcourse its easy for me cause i have to fly regular...if you do it once a year for a holiday then you might need more help than i do...but that why this site exists right!!

Oh turns out the guy who made the threat has been sectioned under mental health act here in the UK....

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