Hi everyone, I am a long time member first time poster.

I have finally decided to take the plung and start flying again! After 6 years of putting off flying and missing out one brothers stag do and a friends wedding, I have booked myself a private flying lesson in two weeks and a flight to Prague for my friends stag do a couple of weeks later.

I am still having the odd negative thought about flying, but I am trying to put that all to the back of mind and trying to look forward to what should be a couple of remeberal few weeks!

Good luck to all those who are going through it as well!

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Well done Daniel!!! Just booking is an achievement. Little steps at a time hey and yeah negative thoughts do creep in, but as soon as they do just bat them away. Everytime I have them, I shout 'No' loud in my head and try to think of something positive and fun about the holiday/break instead.

Have a fabulous time on the stag do and WOW a flying lesson. Good luck too and be strong.
Thanks Fay, I ve got my flying lesson this Saturday, subject to the weather. I am less aprhensive about the flying lesson than the flight to Prague for some reason. I am hoping the flying lesson will give me back my confidence and allow my body to pick up on the sensation of flying so when it comes to the Prague flight I will be alright.

Hi Daniel,

Have you got the book or CD/DVD? I would thoroughly recommend them.

I was in a similar position to you when I found this site, I hadn't flown for 7 years and missed some big events including my sisters wedding.

Like Fay mentioned small steps! Don't expect a magic fairy to appear and remove all yours fears in one go. 

I hope it goes well, 


Hi Jim, yes I ve got the book! I am not expecting any miracles, but I am hopeful that I can go back to the way I used to be where I don't give flying a thought.

I suppose I am quite lucky in a way as my current project in work is refurbishing the British Airways long haul maintenance hanger, at the moment I get to see all the engineers working on the planes, and it's quite reassuring seeing them work so diligently on them, also the view from my office is over looking a run way at heathrow and watching all those plans take off without incident is quite reassuring.

I am hoping my flying lesson will allow me to get used to the sensation of flying again so when I fly to Prague in march I am a little more prepared!

Hello Daniel.  Read your post and really empathised  I've just returned from a trip to Dubai to see my brother and having flown last year for the first time in 5 years where I didn't do too well, I was really worried about Dubai.  However, I have to say that I felt my fear and did it anyway and Dubai was absolutely fantastic and worth every mile in the plane. You forget that flying is just the means to the end, it becomes all consuming when you're afraid.  I now know that I will probably always get a bit anxious on take off but, as Captain Keith told me on my ground course, allow your anxiety to rise, it's perfectly natural, and just be with it.  Before I knew it, I'd done my breathing exercises on take off, the seat belt sign suddenly popped off and we were up!  I even managed it in the A380 airbus which I thought was too big and heavy to fly but it turned out to be a magnificent plane.  Anxiety always makes things seem a lot worse than they really are.

Really well done for going.  I really empathise.  It's hard not to be in control but I say to myself, "the highly experienced pilot's got the plane ... you enjoy the drink and the peanuts and relax!".

Good luck!

Hi Sally,

I am glad to here that u managed to do it! I am feelin pretty good at the moment and I am definatly in a better place than I was two years ago when I couldn't bring myself to get on the plane! I am really looking forward to my flying lesson on saturday! For some reason I am less anxious about getting in a light aircraft than a passenger plane!

Figures crossed the experience on Saturday will give me more confidence for when I get on the plane to Prague on the 8th march.

Hi Daniel,

I saw your other post that the flying lesson went well, congratulations, sounds like you had a great time.

I hope it give you the confidence for your next flight. I know some people who don't understand fears might think you are crazy going up in a small plane and taking control, but it sounds like a great idea to me! 

All the best


Is it wrong Daniel that the first thing I wanted to reply was "I know a great serve yourself pints for €1 bar in Prague!"

I saw your post about the flying lesson and that is AMAZING! Seriously proud of you for doing that!
Thanks Jim and Joe for the kind words!

I ve got my first commercial flight this Friday! Lucky me I managed to get row 13!

Jo please provide me with details of this bar it sounds like my kind of place!

Your wish is my command!! http://www.thepub.cz/praha-1/?lng=en


I was on a birthday do with 20 lads (dont ask!!) and happened to stumble across this place. It was one of those pubs that every time we all split up to do various bits of sightseeing we'd all end up back here :) They have the serve yourself beer on tap on your table with a jukebox on top of the pump. Your table goes on a big screen and it tots up the number of pints you've pulled but its hooked up to other bars across Europe in the chain and shows their pint rate– it does get rather competitive!!!


HI Daniel, go get 'em.  Don't worry about row 13.  I'm not superstitious at all and, in fact, row 75 in the A380 turned out to be a bit of a dud as it was right over the big wheels at the back so I got used to all the noises!  You'll be able to enjoy a great pint at Jo's recommended bar and celebrate when you get there which is what flying is all about.  Enjoying yourself at the destination!

My next one is Rome in April and actually starting to think more about the destination than the flight!

Good luck, but you won't need it.


Thanks Sally! I am not superstitious thank god, I thought it was
Ironic that my first commercial flight in a while happened to be on row 13.

I am a little apprehensive but nothing like I was last time I flew. I think the flying lesson definatly helped! I am planning on have a good breakfast and a cheeky pint in the terminal before I board and I should be fine!

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