I have been flying all my life because my family loves traveling, and never had a problem with flying before. However, after the Air France plane crash in 2009, being on an airplane terrified me and every time I go on one, I keep worrying something bad will happen. Now with all the recent plane crashes and disappearances, my fear is getting worse. Every time I start to feel better, I hear of another plane crash. The media doesn't help as they keep showing pictures of plane wreckage, and also CNN keeps talking about how unsafe flying is.

I know its silly to worry because I have many family members and friends who fly regularly, and nothing ever happens to them. But I have a flight in two weeks and I can't stop imagining the worst case scenario if something goes wrong. Any tips on how I can overcome my fear before then and how to stay calm during the flight?

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Hey Ghazal!!  If you weren't scared you wouldn't be a member of this site!!  That's why we are all here! 

Just because other people aren't scared doesn't mean "it's silly"!  My sister is terrified of fish and when she comes to my house won't sit anywhere she can see my fish tank!! I don't think that's silly.....it's just her fear!  That's why we are lucky we have this site! 

DO NOT WATCH ANYTHING ABOUT PLANE CRASHES!! It's media trying to get viewing/reading figures up on the next channel!!  Read everything on this site.  I think my biggest help was the audio CDs.  I didn't flly for nearly 20 years because of my fear!  Now I can get on a plane without presciption medication or alcohol!!  I won't say I'm not scared....but I can control it and get things into perspective! 


Read and re-read all Keith's advice!!



I understand how you feel. I am trying to think positively about my flight in October. Get a postcard and write down little headings about the positives reasons why you are flying. Keep saying these things over and over and don't let negative thoughts creep in. I hope that helps. I am practising this at the moment and hope it works.

its the easiest thing in the world to say dont be scared cause everything will be ok......of course thats more than likely true but it doesnt help. as somebody who was a fearful flyer for probably 25 years i understand that 'dont be soft, its the safest form of transport' doesn't help.

here is a fact...safety and security in life is a myth....it doesnt exist in pretty much anything you do...we just live in a state of denial...which we have to or we'd never ride a bike.....or go on a coach...or put sugar in our coffee....or smoke/drink...or even have sex......everything is trying to kill us....but flying in a plane carries much less risk than any of those things we do every single day.....so focus on this....you know it....focus on the facts.

media is a nightmare but focus on the facts......mh370...we simply dont know what happened to it...it might not have crashed..we dont know

MH17....tragic yes...but will you be flying over a war zone?

40000 take off and landings every single day without anybody dying even once!..we cant say that about driving cars can we?

air france went down the day i flew to Oz but i didnt know and was fine.  the journey home i did know and i panicked.  Im still here.

media is our worst enemy. 

what helped me was, keith said something about us getting into the habit that if we worry about everything it might help us and the flight, but then we arrive safe anyway but after a stressful journey.  if we dont worry it wont change the flight, just be easier on our bodies.

also look at a flight tracker app to see how many planes are tootling along daily to and from and all are hunky dory, thats what il be doing when i next fly

Hi Ghazzi

Tell me exactly what you think is going to happen to your flight. Not general statements like I think something will happen.Tell me what will happen and when.


Actually I am no longer afraid of my plane crashing. 

I realized that flying is safer than other modes of transportation. Spending all my time worrying that something bad will happen is a waste of time. If something bad were meant to happen to me, it could happen to me anytime, and I would not enjoy my life if I live in fear. And I didn't want to let my fear of flying prevent me from doing what I want to do (such as traveling and visiting my family.)

I also found out I have several friends and family members who fly planes or used to fly. It reassured me in a way because I don't think they would do something that would put their life in danger.

Thank you guys for your support, I have a flight in a few days and I no longer feel afraid :)

Well done ... that is remarkable ... well done.


amazing, i am keeping these words in my head

Great news Ghazal.. although you may not come on here again, now that you are much more confident about flying. :)))

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