I did it again. London - Warsaw - yesterday. It was the 8th flight this year. It is hard to believe in it, as two - three years ago I used to go from Poland to England (1500km) by train (yes, it is a truth, 5-6 times), the journey lasted 24 hours and costed much more than a flight. Hmmm, I can't believe I used to do that. When I currently fly I don't feel comfortable, it is still a lot of fear in me...but...I am able to spend a week before the flight staying calm, sleep quite nice, get in the plane (I escaped from the airport before boarding few times). Incredible! I am grateful for everybody and everything who/what helped me to get to the point where I am now. I feel I owe you all a lot of thanks.

I was so excited (and scared together) flying yesterday I honour myself buying during the flight collectable scale models of A319 and A320. I will put pieces of them together tomorrow - my inner child is happy again :-).

Best wishes for everybody,


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Well done you're an inspiration to anyone who reads your story.

Dear Keith, thank you for being an inspiration to start even thinking it is possible to fly. I am even one step forward than that because I have started believing it can be exciting experience :-). Daria

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