I DID IT!!!!!

Yes me the castrophiser, The prescription drug taker that used to take so many that it knocked me out, that cried all the way to the airport until i got off at the other end, that used to have sleepless nights and nightmares before my flight , that even split up with my husband so I could get out of flying !

But yesterday i came back from holiday, and I didnt take any medication, I didnt cry , and I didn't have a drink (well maybe one just to celebrate). I even videoed the landing because we were in a holding pattern for a few minutes, and get this maybe just a tiny little bit i enjoyed it!!

Let me tell you it wasn't easy. I had to fight my feelings all the time, and it was very exhausting, but the feeling I have right now is just cloud 9.

I completely lost it at the gate when i saw the plane (it didnt help that we tried to board the wrong plane first lol) I was screaming at my husband to give me my tablets, and he wouldn't, so i could of easily have done him some damage, then I deciced that I was leaving and going home, but I took a few minutes to myself and did some breathing excercises and started to calm down. We boarded the flight, and I started panicking again. Did some more breathing exercices and we were off. Because I had done the course I knew what was happening like the noise because of the landing gear (the wind dragging and making loads of noise ) the bing from the pilot to say the cabin crew could get up, then i was fine everything that i had worked at and learned made a massive diffrence to my rational thoughts

The other thing was that captin keith was flying my plane , well that was what my brain was telling me anyway.

thease are a few tips that helped me massively

1 watch the videos on this website until you are sick of watching them

2 read the books over and over again

3 practice the breathing excrecises because when I was in my state of panic I wouldnt have been able to count with my breathing and because I had practiced, it became natural, and i just did it

4 go on the fear of flying course. I had to travel 5 hours there & 5 hours back, and I have 3 children so no excuses.

5 Sit next to the window , i have never done that before and it helped because I could see what was happening through the window , where as if you sit in the middle you don't know why you are feeling your stomach going up and down

6 tighten your belt snuggle down in you seat look out of your window and look at how beautiful the view is

I would like to thank Keith, Vivian, and the people who were on the course with me. All your comments were very helpful, and i wouldnt have done it if it wasnt for your support!
I will probably speak to you all soon when I do my long haul flight :)


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 Thank you Karen i really appreciate all the advice! I did ordered the whole set and start reading and listening. Unfortunately i live in Cyprus so cant go to the course unless i actually get in the plane!! :) My biggest problem is that i actually do not do the next step, booking a flight and going because i fear all the emotions and bad thoughts that will follow! It is a really bad feeling not being able to fly which i am sure you felt it.

Thank you again!

karen crossley said:

Thankyou !, it took me , 15 days after i went on the course, but i had booked the flight before hand , which i do think helped because it was now or never to over come my fear, dont get me wrong im still not cured, but i am well on the way , the last flight i took was 3 weeks ago , and was still a little wobbly before i got on the plane, but no where near the way i was 12 months ago , im a completly different person , i even had something to eat ! and kept calm while landing in bad weather.
If you really do want to overcome your fear, you must be really strong with that voice thats telling you thats something is wrong , because its talking complete rubbish !!
prepare prepare prepare !!!! get the books , listen to the audio tapes, watch the videos on this site and do try and go on keiths course, it is well worth it !
you really must go for it , i know probably more than most how hard it is , to make that step , but i thought i could never change , but i have , and you REALLY could too !!!!
karen x

Nikoleta Michaelidou said:
First of all congratulations! Secondly, thank you Karen, your words are very encouraging. You know sometimes when you just feel that you cant do the next step and actually take a flight really really frightens you! There are times that i wonder if i will ever be able to get on a plane again. Your words gave me courage! I just need to do the next step and take a flight!
How long did it take you to take a flight?

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