I dislike not understanding things - question about something I saw in the news.

I know reading stories like this is a bad idea, but this one wasn’t scary and it just sort of appeared in front of me.

A teeny plane crashed just after take-off somewhere in a forest in Idaho. Everyone survived and only one person was injured. It probably wouldn’t even have been a story except there was a video taken from the plane as it came down. (I won’t link to it; it’s out there if you want to search for it.)

In the explanation of the crash, there was one paragraph that… well, I’ve read it about 20 times and I can’t figure it out.

“However, the warming temperatures caused an increase in density altitude shortly after takeoff and the plane was unable to get adequate lift. It hit an air pocket and plunged quickly to the ground, crashing through the trees.”

What does that even mean? I suppose the second sentence can be discounted because air pockets don’t exist and the video clearly showed that the plane didn’t plunge (in fact it seems it would’ve just landed if not for all the trees.) But that first sentence. I looked up density altitude on Wikipedia and I think I now know what it is. But I’m still baffled. I was just wondering if anyone could translate this into normal language.


Also, while I’m posting questions, thinking about wings and lift n stuff…

If I were to attach the right size and shape wings to the dog and then make him run fast, would he take off?

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Not sure about the density thing, all I know about are microbursts and they tend to come with storms really.

As for the dog.... I think anything would fly if you threw it hard enough haha!  He would take off but not for long, he wouldn't be able to run in the air, so he'd probably glide nicely down like a paper aeroplane.

Oh wow. I'd never heard of microbursts. Just looked them up and... now I'm scared! They're avoidable, right??!

And the idea of throwing the dog... interesting.

As you can probably tell I'm not a fan of the dog, he's super annoying. (He's not mine, he's my brother's but he lives with my parents a lot of the time because my sis-in-law hates him too.)

Microbursts show up on the radars clear as day, they're super avoidable and also rare.  They also have special other ppieces of equipment to show them up on top of the radar, so they're definitely nothing to be worried about these days.  It's probably one of the few things that don't worry me, so try not to fret over those ones too much ♥

Poor doggie haha.  I'd avoid throwing him then, just in case.

Good to know. It's always a bad idea to look these things up, especially on wikipedia - I always end up reading other articles about related plane crashes n things.

I shall pass your sympathy onto the dog. He's currently snoring like a lawnmower and I have strong urges to throw things at him. But I'm sure he's happy.

I refer to wika  quite often and I'm gradually going off them...esp flying stuff...it's quite often  very superficial and looks as if some enthusiastic amateur has posted the stuff.

Microbursts and knowing about them is as useful to you as knowing all about DNA and the genome to apply a sticking plaster for a graze. Forget it ...leave it to me. No useful purpose is served by knowing about it. It is a very complex thing and all you need to know is that we know about it and fly accordingly.


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