Hi there, just joined this site and hoping to help calm my nerves. I'm a very frequent flyer and used to never have a fear of flying.

On a business trip out of NY out flight took off and about 5-7 min after take off, it seemed like our plane lost power. The engines cut out and we just sort of floated - Even all the lights went out. People started to scream and it was really nerve-wracking. I'm not sure how much time past (probably less than a minute, but it felt like forever!) The engines came back on and we kept going. I thought for sure we would turn around and immediately land, but we just kept going. The flight was normal the rest of the way to Chicago but everyone seemed a little on edge and nothing was mentioned from the pilots or the flight attendants. 

First off, I was wondering what this was? Did the plane stall?

I still fly for work frequently, well right now weekly and I now have the hardest time during take off. Every time we take off I just sit and wait for the engines to cut off. I do notice that sometimes they reduce speed significantly after take off. This is what scares me the most. Why does that happen? The engines are still on but it just seems we slow way down before climbing again. And because of my past experience, it really scares me. I hope someone can help me out with this question because it causes severe panic at every take off. 

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the plane didn't stall that's certain. Sounds like they reduced power to limit altitude and speed. After take off the power reduction is pronounced. The floating sensation is normal if you were climbing quickly and then levelled out. 

Lights going out ... don't know but since the flight continued couldn't have been anything important. May have been a generator going off line when they throttled back ... but that's just a guess.


Thanks for the reply! What do you mean by power reduction is pronounced?

The pilot will reduce the power from that used for take off and set it for the plane to climb. This is a large power reduction, but perfectly normal.

If I were to put it into numbers  it would be about about a third less power.


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