I have just got back from a holiday in new Zealand. I was in a real state before I went, in particular relation to returning in the Airbus380 following the quantas engine issue. I wanted to share with others some of the things that helped me to get through not only 2 ridiculously long flights but 6 take offs and landings. I bought the 4 CD set and listened to them every day for 3 weeks before flying. I was worried about engine failure turbulence and cold weather. On the trip I flew with Emirates on 777 planes and A380. What was good was the camera that let's you watch the take off and landing really clearly to see for yourself just how in control the pilot is even when by eye you can't really see much. It is amazing how the runway looks so small from a distance and huge when close up as we land. First look was between my fingers but by flight 6 on the return I loved it and actually managed to enjoy it. We had quite a bit of turbulence between Melbourne and Dubai.In the past I would be very anxious and panicky but I just concentrated on breathing deeply and thinking over and over "turbulence is not dangerous just annoying" and " the plane has been designed to be able to cope with this". I even managed to stay calm when my 7 year old asked " planes don't often fall out of the sky into the sea do they"! 
When it came to getting on the airbus, which us the biggest plane ever and I still don I did feel sick when I saw just how enormous it is. A few deep breaths a seat near the front and amazement at how quiet the engines are made me enjoy the flight. 
So I wanted to write this to say thank you to Captain Keith for your support, to highly recommend the CDs to people who are nervous about flying. I am now ok on large planes, my next challenge will be overcoming my fear of the smaller ones that don't have movies for distraction and where you hear engine noises and feel all the wobbles. 

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How fantastic to read this. You must feel very proud and rightly so. What a wonderful achievement and whgat an encouragement for others.I hope you'll stay in touch and inspire others with your advice.






What an achievement and inspiration to all who read this forum- and also a good illustration about how pre flight worries are usually  far worse than any flight themselves.Where are you planning to fly to next?

brilliant, best wishes, Elizabeth

Wow. Well done Jo!

You must be feeling really good. I have enjoyed reading your post because I have just booked a trip to Oz at the beginning of March and have been having a few 'thoughts' but fortunately not bad ones, just feeling a teeny weeny bit of nerves/excitement.

Yes, the 6 take offs and landings, got that too LOL. I am flying the first leg on a 777 which I have been on before so ok with that, but the second leg is on a 330 which is the thing that the gremlins in my head are trying to get a hold of (Air France) but I keep telling myself these aircraft fly every day without incident.

My son has flown on the 380 and he said it was fantastic and he really enjoyed the camera too, but I don't think I could watch, take off has always been the thing I really dislike so at the moment I am just about managing to do it with my eyes open. Mostly manage with eyes closed, palms up, and a little mantra that Keith gave me.

Once again, congrats on your trip to NZ



June....don't mention THAT mantra!!



Ooops have people been offended? ... don't worry Keith, it'll stay just between us .... does come in handy though, and forces me to smile instead of grimace during take off ;-)




How could anyone be offended when it works so well!



WELL DONE from one long haul 'fearful flyer' to another :)


And Keith.......June told me your 'Mantra' and I agree.....it works VERY well lol


Phoebe x

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