I MADE IT, and I am not scared anymore!!! :)

(First of all I want to apologize if my english is a little funny, but I  try my best!)

I want to share my experience with you, last week I wrote in here " Flying tomorrow!!" And I was sooo nervous, first I didnt get on a flight to London and that made me very upset not going to see my boyfriend, so we decided to try get another flight to UK, and then I flown with a jetstreamer(?), a very small plane, I had alot of wine and it did help a bit.. 

Back to Norway, I was so nervous as I was flying with a bigger plane, boeing. I didnt sleep, I was so upset days before the flight, the staff at airport had to follow me into the airplane. I was flying with SAS, and there the pilot and crew was waiting on me to support me. They explained and showed me the airplane , and I got to sit with the stewardess during take off and it feels so different this time. The pilot came to me during the flight, talked to me for a long time and offered me to sit with him in the cockpit ( this is not allowed in UK or USA, but in Norway it is ok) and he explained every details how things work, what happens if something goes wrong, and I was so realived..!! That was the most beautiful landing and I really loved being up in air!!

And next flight, I flew with the same staff again, and I got to sit beside the stewardess again, and I have always dreamt of wearing a uniform working as stewardess, so I got to make coffee as I wanted to see what it was like working on there..

I just thought it was AMAZING. I can´t wait to fly again!! I cant believe how I can turn from being so scared to so happy. And me and the stewardess is still in touch and emailing each other..

I am thinking of applying to work at an airport now. I would love to.

I just want to say to you all out there, it actually IS safe to fly! I didnt believe it, but for first time in my life I felt like flying was like being in a car, just safer :-) 

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WOW! Way to go Della.

Sounds like you have really turned the corner and over come your fear.

best wishes



What a wonderful inspiring story. The SAS crew sound amazing.
I haven't flown for 11 years - your story gives me a lot of hope that I might be able to turn my fear around.
Thank you
Just do it.. I went to a course, i understand the hardest part is to actually get on the flight, but once you are there.. You are there, and the best feeling is taking control over you fear... So my advice is to just do it..


It's often posted on here that an idea is to let the crew know about how you feel and explain your fear. Well your story says it all. How reassuring is it to know that support was carried though onto the flight. Well done and fingers crossed if you apply for jobs at an airport. Good luck!
This is such an inspirational story, thank you for posting it!! I'm flying to Stockholm on Saturday and I came back to the forum here to find a positive story and your one has really boosted my confidence! I'm also flying with SAS so maybe I should tell them I'm a nervous flier, they sounded amazingly supportive. Do come back and tell us if you end up working at an airport! This is a real inspiration to us all, huge congratulations on getting to grips with your fear! :D

Sue xx
Wow that's brilliant well done! While I've flown twice in the past 6 months after 8 years of not flying, and have another long haul flight in December, I also feel it's getting easier though I don't think I'll ever be totally relaxed on a flight but not as much as a nervous wreck as I have been.
very nice, now I'm looking to fly with you to support me
thanks.. ive applied for a job now for Norwegian and they are coming back to me soon as possible, really excited:)
My suggestion is for everyone to tell the staff at airport about you fear and they will be nable to help u:)

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