I dont really know what to say , after all the hard work since july last year , 2 flights under my belt which i quite enjoyed , reading the books , and doing the course , i feel like im going back to wear i started .

I booked a hoiladay at christmas for the family (that i havent done before , as i chickend out before i got to the final stage) we are surpose to be going to cyprus on the 6th april so in 10 days time , i have been looking forward to it for weeks also i thought it would be a good warm up for the US in august,

but now i feel like im sliping back into my old ways , IE, thinking what drugs can the doctor give me , how much drink i can get on the plane , not sleeping , and panic breathing, not sure what has happend to me , as i thought i was over the worst of it  !

Sorry Keith :(


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Karen Crossley...you've done it before, and you'll do it again... these thoughts are perfectly normal...just go with it...you have to let some anxiety come along for the ride as they say.


Nothing's happened to you ...this is par for the course. Don't be so hard on yourself take the flight and then see how far you've come. Forget the old ways , they are in the past and they won't haunt you unless you give in to them. TIME FOR THE ELASTIC BAND ON THE WRIST AND A GOOD PINGING!


Don't give up, this is temporary despite how it feels to you right now .


Hey what's 's that apology for?  No-one ever has to feel that, we're here to help...setbacks and all. 



Hi Karen,

How did you prepare yourself for your successful flights you did last year?

There is still time to practise whatever you did then to enable you to fly in several days time. You have PROVED you can do it so this "blip" is just anticipatory anxiety creeping in. Try to be positive, BELIEVE in yourself- there is no gain without pain-try to focus your mind on where you are going and how lovely it will be to be in Cyprus on holiday. Beating this fear of flying is not an instant fix for most people who join this site.However,  you can have strategies which help you to cope with flying and even start to actually enjoy it..One has got to work on it, practise relaxation or whatever works for you.

I am sure she won't mind me saying this but June who has recently completed a fantastic solo trip to Australia and back has been chipping away at her fear for well over 6 years since  i first met her at Keith's seminar.

hang in there read keith's book againand stay focused on being positive,best wishes, Elizabeth.

I have just started reading keiths books again , and I know this could be last minute wobbles ,I'm just scared I'm going back to the way I used to be, and letting everyone down




You won't be letting anybody down...that's not the way to think of it...this is just another part of overcoming your fear.


Were you hoping to do it quicker than this?  I bet it's last minute wobbles...treat it as such.





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