i am so scared. this trip is hanging over me like an ACME safe. I just do not want to go. I found myself wishing I had some mild sickness that would allow me to get out of it. Any tips would be great. I get really bad panic attacks where i almost make a scene. My dad said he would never fly with me again after we went to Italy. He said i made the flight hell. And did but i was scared! I tried to explain it but he didnt understand. No one does. That is why i am so happy i found this site.

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I understand Francesca and so does everyone here so please feel supported!!! You are so strong. I have a friend who has told me if I dont go to Marrakesh with her in August the friendship is over!! Ofcourse she was only half joking but am convinced am going to embarass myself on the flight and make a total fool of myself and she will prob end up wishing I hadnt come anyway!! Your Dad doesnt mean it when he says those tactless things though...he was probably scared himself at how scared you were and felt helpless. Thats usually why people react like that. dont be ashamed of your fear, we are the bravest people as we try and fight the fear! Remember the fear and sick dread we feel is so so much worse before the flight and once we are on the flight its never as bad, you did it the last time and it might even get easier this time - remember to take deep breaths and not to let any bad thoughts come into your head, take the flight in small chunks at a time and talk to the stewardesses if you can too.
good luck it will be ok, I wish I had a magic cure as I need it too!!! :)

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