I used to be really scared of flying, but after becoming member here I decided to get over my fear. The first flight (After avoiding flying several years) I thought it was really hard, and didnt manage on the plane back home, I was so sure something would happen to just that plane, and when I saw the plane arrived fine back home and I was still stuck in UK, i felt so silly.. I realised I cant live like this, and have a daughter I have to fly with as she got family in UK, so I decided to get on a plane and think positive after reading a book about fear of flying, I was really scared but asked for help at the airport, I got to talk to the captain and he said he promised me i would get safe home and he wanted me to sit down and enjoy the flight. I was actually realaxing and didnt do what I normally did (worrying about EVERYTHING).. the whole flight 1,5 hour I was enjoying the flight so much, I watched the sunset and felt so safe up there I was thinking how much safer I was among the skies than at the ground. I really loved it, and when I landed I dont think I have felt this proud in my life. I was flying again 2 weeks ago , and it went really well I enjoyed the flight and was a little sad how short the flight was, and Im out flying again in 5 days and Im sooo excited:) I want to fly all time, and I feel kind of free, now I can go wherever I want to. Planned going to Spain,Uk this summer and Im so looking forward to fly :)

I really hope that you others in here that are scared of flying will get over your fear, because that day when the fear leaves, a new world open up for you there is so much to see and do in this world and its so safe to fly :)

I have to add a picture of me at airport that day I was flying, happy and excited:)

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And I want to thank Captain Keith for creating this forum, and for all the help he offered!:)
Della I can't believe such a change I'm so pleased for you well done.


I can only hope for 1% of the transformation you encountered. That should be enough to get me through the trip without a complete collapse of my mental state.
Dear Della,
This nice message give me the hope to change my life and overcome my fears.
Congratulations Della! Stories like yours are so inspirational! I so hope I can write one like that one day!

Della, you are inspirational!!! Im flying to Spain on Saturday and already this amazing website / forum are helping me feel better ! Thank you everyone.

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