I have purchased the CDs and book kit a few months ago. I have been listening to Keith and Jasper regularly.

The lack of control. I know that I have to trust in the airplane and the pilots. It’s hard to trust people you’ve never met before. It’s also hard to trust that the airplane has been maintained properly. I feel rather helpless just sitting in my seat not being able to control my destiny during the flight. But maybe one just has to say… “fine, I realize I have no control over this situation, so I will just sit back and enjoy.. If something happens.. then something happens”.

Turbulence, I know there will be some. The way of comforting myself is to tell myself that this $10million plane is going 600km/hr so it can’t just drop out of the sky.

One of my other fears is that the airplane will rip apart in the air somehow

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Hi Alex,
I know how you feel, and I really empathise. I think your way of comforting yourself is smart. I learned a lot about how planes are built from the Cds and book, and I really think they helped me a lot. So I would say, just keep on taking flights, keep on reading and listening, and remind yourself how many flights take off all over the world, and how very few end badly, and how many car journeys you happily take every day, and how few checks cars are subject to, compared to planes.
Best of luck.

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