I just wanted to let people know about my latest flights to the US. I have been afraid of flying for a number of years and always panicked on take off and during turbulence, but my last few flights have been really successful and although I still feel v. nervous I haven't panicked on a flight for about two years now. Two weeks ago I set off on Virgin Atlantic for a trip to New York and Minnesota with my husband, I also had a flight to Minneapolis, a flight to Chicago and then a flight back home to London to deal with. I had a wonderful, calm take-off but for some reason on the flight out to New York I started to feel a bit panicky about the idea of turbulence (even though we hadn't encountered any yet) so, when we did finally enter an area of mild turbulence I burst into tears and couldn't stop crying until the captain turned off the seatbelt sign (about 20 minutes later)- I felt really silly and childish and felt I had let myself and my husband down when I really thought I might have conquered my fears - so I decided I needed to do something and walked back to the galley to have a chat with one of the stewardesses, she was so sweet and said something which really helped put me back into a rational state of my mind, she said 'you're very, very safe up here, much more safe than down on the ground' that's something which I've heard often but it just hit me as being true at that point and I kept it with me for all the subsequent flights. It worked! I think we flew through turbulence on every flight but I just kept reminding myself that the situation was normal and that I was safe and my body seemed to relax - I even slept through turbulence on the flight home! I got back yesterday - I made it (despite the nerves)- like thousands and thousands of passengers every day - and I really enjoyed my holiday. Just remember - flying is safe and turbulence is normal - you will be fine and if you don't feel fine have a chat with a steward they are very kind and very competent.

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Great news and well done. "Flying is safe and turbulence is normal" is something I shall encourage people to say in future. This as a great example of facing your fear...and it worked out well. I hope you'll stay with us and drop in occasionally to support other fearful flyers...meanwhile, my heartiest congratulations.


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