leaving 4 mexico in 4 weeks and air france has jittered my nerves....

im leaving for mexico in 4 weeks and i cant even be excited or think about how great the trip will be cause all i think about is the flights. i have 3 flights to get there on airlines i have never flown. im flying from oslo to copenhagen on norwegian air 737, then copenhagen to atlanta on a 767-300er on delta (which i discovered does not have personal tv's, and that really upset me cause i need that to distract me) and then atlanta to cancun on aeromexico md88. all these flights make me nervous cause i have no idea what the airlines are like. and i prefer going on really big planes then smaller ones. and now with the air france crash and knowing that that aircraft was a state of the art model and only 4 years old, im very nervous about my 10hour flight on the delta 767. i just want to stop worrying and start becomming excited about the trip. i absolutely hate take-offs and the fact i have 3 in one day scares me alot. also im curious about the md88, do they have a good safety record? i would prefer being on an airbus or boeing. if anyone has flown there airlines or aircrafts, can you let me know what they are like and how big they feel (especially the 767-300er) thanks heaps

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im starting to get really worried, putting all these crazy thoughts into my head like '767-300's are old planes and the air france plane was new and yet it crashed' and stuff like that. will someone please give me some advice?
Hi Jesska

Why are you focussing on the Air France flight?

Let's say that you'd be happy flying if only one flight in every trillion trillion was involved in an accident. Or happy if only one flight in a trillion trillion trillion trillion was involved in an accident.

Let's say there had only ever been one accident in the whole of the time there had been aeroplanes...BUT that accident had been this morning...how would you feel then. You still be worried. So nothing is ever going to remove the worry...what's important is recognising how likely it is...and an accident isn't very likely and that's that!

But you're human so you worry...that's fine..but don't worry more than is sensible. Put an elastic band around your wrist and ping it every single time you have a 'bad' thought about flying. Let me know when you've had enough.

May not sound like it but I'm on your side...I hope you know that.

Captain Keith

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