London to Mexico - sometimes I had to tell myself we were actually flying!

Did it a few days ago. Very happy that I was ok with it. Was a very smooth flight, almost forgot I was on a plane at one point!

Funny story though.......... and lucky I know from lots and lots of reading what a 'technical problem' could be......

When boarding the BA flight, I asked to speak to the pilots before we started. Crew member told me 'I'll ask, but they are very busy with a problem.......'. Not exactly what I wanted to hear.

Some minutes after everyone was sat down, the pilot said "Sorry for the delay. We have a technical problem which the engineers are furiously trying to fix, and it's a problem we can't take to Mexico"

Fortunately, from helpful information from people like Keith, I knew 'technical problem' could be anything (perhaps the pilots seat wouldn't recline or something :) ), and safety rules would not let us leave the ground if there was any doubt (and I told myself this over and over again :) ).

I would just like to say to Captian Andy Nash, you might want to think a bit more about how you describe such problems and remember that for nervous flyers that could sound horrifying!

However, the info given by the pilots en-route, although not frequent, was good and reassuring. And I've got to give it to the pilots (and the autopilot :) ), a super smooth flight.

Once again though, very happy I chose BA, and will be my 1st choice next time. And I'm not just saying that to be forum-friendly.



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great news....well done



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