Hi everyone,
I decided to fly to London in a few days on Wednesday the 5th of August. I am going to spend 2-3 weeks on holidays with my English friend and what is more to decide if I want to stay in England for my life - to create my family and to work there. Big issue!

Last time on May I did not fly and stayed in Poland :-(. Felt very bad.

Be with me, please! All your support is priceless for me :-).


On one of a photos is my lovely, vulnerable 9 days nephew.

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wish you sucessful trip!
Thank you. Wish me to be brave enough to fly :-).

Of course we're with you ...all the way. Just let us know how we can help you.

Hi Daria, keep positive,you can do it
Sending you all good wishes,
Hi Daria,

You can do it! Everything will be fine! Before you know it you will be London planning an exciting future for yourself. Don't let fear stand in the way! I just got back from a trip to America - I had my moments - but I was fine - I was safe and I had a wonderful holiday.

Go for it!
Ouh Keith, it is a difficult question to be honest. If I knew the answer in 100%, I would tell myself, you, my other friends how to deal with me.
The first answer is: sit next to me as my parent and reassue me I am save, all would be good..., please.

As I wrote what is the most challenging part of a flight it is an anticipatory anxciety. During waiting I am more and more stressed and finally I used to have enough and resigned...I asked myself a question: why I had to suffer?

Thank you are here :-)


Of course you are safe...your feelings are perfectly normal ones to have. But you have been in control of them before so you shouldn't doubt your strength now.
Nothing will happen to you... unfortunately I can't sit with you because I shall be flying the plane.

Captain Keith
Great answer! I like it. After awful state today - bad scenaries :-(...even I read statictisc about A320: http://images.businessweek.com/ss/09/07/0724_accident_prone_aircraf...
I thought I might be the unlucky one :-). But it is all about not adult, understanding, rational part of me but about my subconciusnes who is like a child - doesn't care about facts, theory...just wants to be sure is save and loved. How to dealt with it (way of thinking of course, but what to do more)? Only repeting like a manthra: 'Flying is save' will not improve how subconciousness works. It is just surface...

HI Daria,
Sending lots of POSITIVE cyber vibes for tomorrow.
My 21 year old son has left London Gatwick this afternoon for a diving course and holiday in Malta with B A on a B737.
Think of Keith being the Captain of your plane .
Treat yourself to lots of glossy magazines /or a new book to look forward to reading on the 'plane, and look forward to seeing all the wonders of the clouds as you cruise.
Go for it,
best wishes, Elizabeth.
You are as always lovely. Thank you!
I am going to London on Wednesday :-) at 11.00 am English time. I will be there at 13.35 :-).
Than by a coach to Bournemouth to my friend.
I did scuba diving course but I have never dived in a such beautiful sea as it is in Egypt, Malta,...I hope I will, soon. Lucky he.
I prepared some CDs with relaxation and Rapid Relief (I bought it in American Company SOAR), audiobook by Katie Fforde 'Going Dutch' (I do love English language - audiobooks, nearly every day I watch films on BBC), some articles in English as I like to have a choice what to do. It is a good idea to buy an easy and colourful magazine.

All those things are easy. I need a priceless motivation and courage to get in the plane...Yeah, I will imagine Keth is on a plane too :-).

Warm greetings,
Daria :-)
Goodlluck Daria! I am flying in 7 hours so I can relate to the nerves.
I am watching some take off videos on youtube that helps me a lot
What type of plane are you going by?

I used to watch films on You Tube too :-)
I read an interesting article about flying. The article goes on to list things that involve the same risk as taking a flight of one-thousand miles.
• smoking 1.4 cigarettes
• traveling six minutes in a canoe
• living two days in New York or Boston
• living two months in Denver
• one chest x-ray
• living two months with a smoker
• eating forty tablespoons of peanut butter

Be brave! Good luck! I keep my fingers crossed for you!


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