Hi everyone. Well firstly nice to meet you all. I've joined today in hope that I can overcome my fear of flying or at least arm myself with some useful tips for my trip to Europe in 30 days. 16 October I leave Brisbane for Paris to meet my partners family in Kosovo. Absolutely terrified of the flight over.

Never been real big on flying even with my partner and this time I'm going alone as he's leaving early(next week infact). I know this sounds ridiculous but I've never gone to the toilet on a plane and am scared that I will need to go on this flight. 3 flights with the longest leg being 9 hours from Singapore to Dubai. I never take my seat belt off let alone take a wonder to the toilets. Even thinking about it now has my heart thumping in my chest.

Turbulence is a killer for me. We hit it and I start saying the Hail Mary and Our Father prayer. I'm sure on our last 2 hour domestic flight from Brisbane to Melbourne return I was the only one studying IN-DEPTH the safety manual. How am I going to get through 50 plus hours on a plane???? Any tips would be appreciated.

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Hi Christine

We'll help you don't worry. We can change a lot of your thoughts in a week. Have a look around our main site at


Captain Keith
Well its now only 21 more days till I fly. My partner left on Wednesday night and I'm happy to say he arrived in Paris a couple of hours ago. I was terrified the whole time he was flying to turn on the news incase something had happened to his plane. Even tracked his plane through the airport arrivals at his stop overs, I really need help.

I'm now filled with excitement that in 21 days I'm leaving to see my partner and dread because I know the only way to get to him is by plane.
19 days and counting till I'll be pacing at the airport. Had a horrible nightmare last night that I chickened out at the last minute, not good! I've decided being organised is the only way I'm going to be able to calm myself. I've written a list of everything I'm taking (packed half of it, im a little excited), triple checked my passport and ticket, found my script for Diazapan, found some tips on what to take on board to make the flight bareable and even found some photos of toilets on board a plane so I can mentally prepare myself. Now i've just gotta visualise myself taking my seatbelt off and walking around the plane (thats the biggy for me). My partner rang and gave me a report on flying over there and swears he will never fly with them again. Absolutely horrendous. Nice to know! Apparently the air hostesses are the rudest he has ever come across in all his years of international travel so there goes my plan to let them know I dont travel well. He also told me the seats we've booked must be second to a torture rack, no recline at all, tvs all off centre so you have to lean over your armchair to see them and the armrests dont go up, (2 seats together at back of plane) so ive since gone on to Emirates and changed our seats. Hopefully the new ones will allow me a little sleep. God help me if I dont sleep at all for the 25 hour trip. Me and lack of sleep dont agree with each other!

I'm seriously thinking of hypnotheraphy to help me with this flight. I think if i wasnt going alone I'd be okay but being by myself is terrifying. Has anyone tried this and did it help?

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