Flew from Louisville, KY to Washington on a small 145 US Air plane. Pretty smooth but have never been on such a small plane. Very little difference. Weather was good so only few bumps and I keep repeating to myself turbulence is uncomfortable but not dangerous. My doctor also prescribed anxiety meds to help me get through which helped some. Flight from Washington to Boston was on larger plane (airbus) and also pretty smooth but boy was I glad to just be on the ground. Didn't think much about flights home until the day we left. I came down with interear infections in both ears from the ship I do believe and wasn't feeling my best. We were able to get an earlier flight (thank you US Air) from Boston to Washington, Washington to Louisville. Flight from Boston okay, back on the 145 small plane to Louisville. Was assured by steward flight would be smooth but did get little bumpy especially when we got close to Louisville. Weather extremely hot and was told that's why. But we make it and glad we went. Don't think I'll be quite as nervous next time but there's always that "what if" in the back of my head. The articles on this website certainly helped me alot in understanding the plane will not fall out of the sky and turbulence will not rip it apart. So thank you for that. The take offs which normally scare me to death were a little less scary after reading why you get the sensation of the plane lowering when it's climbing after take off. This helped the most. Again, thanks and happy trails. (air trails that is).

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Brilliant ...take a Gold medal from the store!

Well done


ps  What if you really enjoy the next flight?  Is that the 'what if' you mean?

The "what if" means I so hope even less turbulence. ha! Wasn't bad except at the very end when we were descending through the clouds and of course coming into 104 degree heat. Meds helped keep me from the panic...steward couldn't get the galley door comfirned shut and we had to wait for mechanic which scared a few of us but all was well. I had visions of the door flying out once we got up in the air...too many movies I do believe. Thanks again for your support as I learned things that did help to calm me.

I'm glad for you too. My big day is this Saturday, so I hope I'll just fine as you are. Only I could not write here as I'm going for hollydays. Return flight is 24th of July. Stress again :(

Anyway its very nice to read success stories as yours :)

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