My flights from Memphis to Montreal had me worried for months, and the anxiety I was going through over them led me to this site. The flights to Chicago and to Montreal were nice and easy, and by the time the week there was over and I was waiting in the airport to go back home, I thought I wouldn't have any trouble at all with flying anymore.

They tell recovering addicts that just because they aren't doing the drug anymore doesn't mean that they're "cured", and I sort of learned that just because I had one good flight didn't mean my fear of flying would be completely gone. The Montreal to Chicago leg of the trip was very bumpy, and a flight attendant noticed that I had gone pale and asked me if I was okay. I only then noticed that I had been shaking just about as badly as the plane! She gave me cold paper towels to press on my forehead and face, and while it did help, I did realize I still have a problem with turbulence, despite being much more relaxed at takeoff and landing. I kept repeating that it was uncomfortable, and not dangerous, but I began to feel that concentrating on the turbulence was just making me more afraid. Still, it's hard to distract yourself on a shaky plane ...

Thankfully, the Chicago to Memphis leg of the trip went very, very smoothly. And yet I found that I was still shaking and not even conscious of it. This site and the CDs have helped me out a lot in arming me with more knowledge about flying, and I was quite relaxed on the trip up to Montreal, so I feel right now as if I'm back to the beginning. One bad experience and there goes everything! Looks like I'll have to go somewhere fun for winter break to take on the fear once more...

[P.S. This may either be seen as crass or a no-brainer, but trust someone who was there earlier today: if you're on a plane, and the seat belt sign is off, and you have to go to the bathroom, GO. Nothing makes anxiety worse than making yourself physically uncomfortable!]

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This os the only part of your message that we need to challenge...."so I feel right now as if I'm back to the beginning." You may feel like it but in fact you've made progress. Sure a lot of people feel that one bad flight sets them back to the beginning but this is not wouldn't be where you are without facing your fear and having some good flights. If a child doesn't make constant progress at school we would never say you're back to the beginning, so why should we have harsher rules for adults? Be kind to yourself and say well done. Because you did do well. There is NO quick fix for overcoming your fear of's work work work...because the benefits are so enormous.



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