Here it goes: I think I can cope going on a plane at xmas with 3 of my children after the course with Keith.. Trouble is my 7 year old cries himself to sleep every night about the thought of flying. He has been on a plane ones as a 2 year old and was really scared of the loud noises. He does not like noise in general but is otherwise a confident litttle man. He now tells me that planes may fall out of the sky and he does not want to be in one. Reasoning does not help! This is hard for me because I dont want to do anything to scare him but also in my heart of hearts I know he will be safe and because (and this is a contradiction!!!) I have to resist colluding with him given my own anxiety. I dont think he picked up on my fear - my other children are fine about flying.

I need to find a way to do two things: keep myself calm even though he may not be and even better, convince him it will be ok and safe. But how on earth do you explain the latter to a little boy who is ruled by his belly? On a pure selfish note, I need to get into that plane and fly as it would be all to easy to use

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