My fear is making my holiday plans so heavy going!!!!

Ach!!! I've completed the Qantas course and taken a number of domestic flights in australia since. After a bad break-up I lost a bunch of confidence, and haven't flown for 6 months. Now I'm taking some time off work to have some adventures in Aust and overseas I've avoided from flying fear.

I feel so angry at my fear! tackling this fear is making this holiday hard work! I feel so depressed when Capt Keith says - it takes persistance and determination! Fear v me. Fear has more experience so far.... tempting to avoid flying so my holiday can be enjoyable but i know in the long run this is not a smart option. I've started trying to visualise how great i'll feel on touch down after my first flight in a while or perhaps taking a friend.

Just thought I'd share. Great place here!!

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Hi, Helen.

Do you have any flights booked? Where are you planning on going?

I can sympathise with feeling angry about feeling afraid, but I think a lot of time it's counterproductive and wastes a lot of energy. What is it specifically about flying that scares you?

Is it possible that you could start off with a flight that you've taken before? Just so it would have the element of familiarity which might help ease you back into flying?

Hope the rest of your holiday preparation is going well.

All the best,


Nothing. NOTHING better then that feeling of touch down. I am trying to get courage to book tickets for a trip to Mexico. It's just like getting the nerve to jump in a pit of scorpions. Not looking forward to it. I hate this crippling fear.

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