Sadly my nerves are back and in force!! Its even 2 days before my flights, well take off is 7am Tuesday, not sure why feeling like this but am, and i cant even think why i am scared!! I know its all safe in mind, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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I'm in most of tomorrow  , why don't you give me a call?



thanks keith, can you remind me of best number ? Thanks in advance


chris said:

thanks keith, can you remind me of best number ? Thanks in advance

thanks Keith, in a maeeting all day so will try best, not o bad today have the butterflies but the weird thing to me is i dont know why, as i cant see what my fear actually is!! I know its all safe, crazy really , a conundrum

Never got chance today only just got home :-( Feel a bit better though must be said probs not feel to great when get up ready and at airport, time will tell , been to watch a few at east mids too maybe thats helped, hope so , oh and got some ginger biscuits at the ready!!

All back now , and wasnt so bad at all. Take off on way back seemed a little daunting but was ok and agian once up all ok and relaxed, for some reason i seem to get up tight / nervous before getting onto the plane, when i do i seem to relax!! IS this normal lol, as say a day before im a nightmare but was up early...wondering if i was actually worried about not waking up!!


Chris  Brilliant and well done!

So next time ecpect the same feelings to occur and do the same as you've done this time but cut down on the worry by 20%.


You'll get there if you do it in bite sized chunks.




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