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This is the link to my first incredible journey for those who want to read it.


I’m back again from another incredible journey to Australia. I spent Christmas & New Year with my girls. Still haven’t got my head around taking the little ones to see Santa in 32 degrees of sunshine......very odd but lovely none the less.

I hadn’t flown since I went to Australia for the first time in October 2009 & of course had all the usual apprehensions, but I felt I coped much better with the flights this time due I think to the fact that a lot of things i.e. airports, procedures are now familiar to me.

When my nephew picked us up to take us to the airport I was nervous but quite chatty, last time I was so scared I didn’t utter a word all the way there! I felt much more comfortable in the airport but when it came time for boarding the nerves hit me. I hadn’t told anyone I was a nervous flyer but when boarding the plane a steward asked me if I was ok, which tells me they are trained to ‘spot’ the signs. I told him I was nervous so he asked a stewardess to take me to my seat which she did & was lovely. I was nervous on takeoff so held hubby’s hand but as soon as the take off ‘tummy tickle’ was over I settled more quickly than I have in the past. I learned a strategy from this first take off so on the next flight I boarded the plane put my ear planes in, headphones on, found a movie (any movie) & turned the sound up as loud as I could bear to drown out the engine noises etc. I felt the plane move did the deep breathing kept telling myself it was normal to feel a little nervous & relaxed into my seat as much as I could. I was still nervous on the take off but felt I coped with it a lot easier, then once under way I just ‘got on with it’.

We had decided to stopover in Singapore for 2 nights this time to break the journey then back to the airport for the last leg. I didn’t tell anyone I was nervous & have to say I didn’t feel too bad, I boarded the plane put my ‘take off’ strategy into place immediately & felt much better this time.

We landed in Brisbane at 12.45am got through passport control & quarantine much quicker this time & came through arrivals to my daughter & oldest grand daughter who is 5 years old but wanted to come to the airport bless her. It had been 14 months since I had seen them & she came under the barrier & ran into my arms and gave me the biggest hugs & kisses, then my daughter, it was the best feeling in the world. We had a few days holiday together at a holiday park in Yamba, 2.5 hours drive from their home because it was summer holidays there, then Santa came & I’m happy to say my granddaughters had written to him to tell him I would be at their house so he left me some presents, days out, big New Year party then all too soon it was time to come home, but we had a fabulous time.

We decided to keep busy the last day because the first flight was at 2.45am, did shopping, lunch then a kilo of BBQ ribs at Mike’s kitchen (highly recommended if your ever on the Gold Coast). Emma wanted to take us to the airport so we set off at 10.30 pm so she wouldn’t be too late getting back home. We decided to say goodbye outside of the airport so it wasn’t a long goodbye & suited us all although it was naturally still hard. By the time the flight was due I was more than ready to get going, it’s the ‘just need to be home now’ scenario.

I actually managed to sleep for about 1.5 hours at one point probably because it was the middle of the night but still sleeping on a plane is a first for me, fuel stop in Singapore so stretched our legs then got back on, I actually felt pretty ok on both flights, a bit nervous at some points, the first leg was pretty bumpy all the way but nothing really major & I coped with it by telling myself it was uncomfortable but not dangerous (Keith’s book is pure gold). We had a long layover in Dubai 17.5 hours but had managed to upgrade to business class for the last leg so had a complimentary hotel & use of business lounge so was a big help, then did the last leg Dubai to Newcastle in business class............oh how the other half live..............an experience in itself, fabulous food & service, comfy seats, slept for bout an hour, watched a movie, ate & drank, was well stuffed by the time we landed.......lol.

On a bit more serious note this time I felt really nervous on the landing, this is something I am usually ok with but my mind went into overdrive because the weather was so bad, ice on the runway? we might skid off etc etc, but naturally my fears were unfounded and although it was a bit bumpy on the decent I think because of heavy cloud cover we did land safely, then an announcement there would be a 10 minute delay to allow the snow ploughs to finish clearing our parking space, I found this really funny it was such a casual remark, parking a huge plane like ours to a pilot is just like parking a car to us. I actually watched the snow ploughs on the front view camera, which to me showed just how skilled the pilots were to get us in safely in such bad conditions. We landed around 1pm, my son had been watching the airports information site, I found out later that Newcastle airport had been closed on the morning then was closed again later that afternoon, it seems we were lucky to get home, my son had been convinced we would have to be diverted but thankfully not.

This has been yet another incredible journey for me. I want people to take strength from this & previous posts, I had never flown in my life due to being ‘terrified at the thought of it’ but its thanks to this site and all of you out there that I have done it, again, so remember, if I can do it, so can you.

Stay positive, buy the book if nothing else, ask questions if you need reassurance, learn relaxation breathing & use it, but most of all believe in yourself.

I didn’t but I do now & I’m sure I am going to have many more incredible journeys to report on.

Phoebe x

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welcome back Phoebe and a huge 'well done' on your achievement.Lovely to hear your story-have been wondering how you were getting on! Bev xx
Thanks Bev, still very jetlagged ATM & weather not helping. Still in shock with the change of tempretures!!!!

Phoebe x
Great stuff as usual... 'total respect' as they say now .


I've just read your account and I just can't believe this is the same person that I 'met' two years ago. You must be so proud of what you've achieved. Now for a moment of truth. I didn't answer all your posts and things because I wanted you to manage on your own without any support from me. It wasn't that I wasn't interested but at some stage you had to go Solo and now you have. Very very many congrats from me.


we need a get together with Mrs Ross now to celebrate the continued successes of you northern lasses!
Once more well done Phoebe- As another Northerner (Lancastrian) however,now exiled in the south I think the 3 of us June Phoebe and Elizabeth all Northern lassies (and dare I say middle aged )have made amazing journeys during these last few years. Although we have done it ourselves with grit and determination and faced our fears we have all been helped by Keith with his book, C Ds and seminars and of course this forum.I hope our stories are an inspiration to the "younger" members who log on.
Hi Keith

Ah it all makes sense now............I did feel at one stage you had 'abandoned' me, I thought you were getting a bit fed up of my moaning lol...............

I do feel I have come a very long way considering I couldn't even go into an airport without shaking.

Us Northern lasses...........made of strong stuff us bonnie lad.especially when we have great support from friends :)

Phoebe x
Hi Elizabeth


I hope it does too Elizabeth & I'm sure it will.

Happy New Year to you all & here's to continued success for everyone.

Phoebe x
Sorry Elizabeth

I didn't mean to exclude you


No I certainly hadn't abandoned you ...I'm here to be 'moaned' at if that's what you want to call it. I try to help in theway I think is right.
I know I don't always get it right../miss peopel occasionally but as you can imagine there are a lot of things going on at one time.
No I deliberately eased off giving advice because last year I had to psh you a little to take that extra flight to Jersey I think it was...this year you thought you could manage without a flight in between so I thought this girl's ready to solo. I'll leave you to it. But I was really willing you on I can promise you.

Your friend

Hi Keith

That's why your the professional that you are, you know just what to do & when. I honestly just assumed you were very busy & accepted that, but your 'strategy' worked :)

Yes you did have to push me to take the extra flight (to Dublin lol) but unofrtunatly it didn't help because it was on the day of an incident so unerved me, so this time I thought I wouldnt take the chance & it seemed to work for me.

I will be forever grateful for finding this forum & all your help & support, you know that :)

Phoebe x

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