Hi, I've just joined the site and have found it really informative already.  I've been terrified of flying for about the past 10 years, but on a recent flight from Dublin to Budapest I found the answer to help me overcome the problem.  I hate take off, I sweat, shake and feel very ill.  I talked to my partner about this before our trip and he knew I always like to be able to see the cabin crew, see that they are behaving 'normally', so he suggested we pre-book the front seats of the aircraft, which we did.  It was fantastic, my partner spoke to the two cabin crew at the front of the plane when we got on board, and told them I'd be sitting staring at them!  It worked brilliantly.  Cabin crew are obviously experienced flyers and they would know if the noises the plane was making were in any way different or 'wrong', so I reckon I could judge by their reactions.  Once we were up, they brought me a complimentary drink and congratulated me on my success. I gave my panic rating about 3 out of 10, it used to be 20 out of 10!  On our return flight I did exactly the same and it was even better, I actually enjoyed the flight.  I know this won't be an option for every flight I take, but I intend to try to always book row 1.  Also, we got bumped up to business class on a flight from USA a while ago, and I had no problem then - my partner reckons I have Economy Class Syndrome!  I hope this helps someone.  Pauline.

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Hi, Pauline! That's an excellent idea! I have to keep it in mind when I book my holiday flight (first in 20 years) - which will be very soon I hope...
Hi, Good luck with it!

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