Hi everyone, last week I came back from my 1 week business trip to Warsaw. I wasn't too nervous about my flight until the night before. The morning of the flight was horrible, I was really scared and I wanted to cancel everything. I felt better later on and going through security I felt fine. It started again whilst we were waiting to find out our gate. I started to get serious anxiety, started crying and I was so scared I didn't want to get on the plane. We were called to the gate but I was so terrified I sat on the floor crying my eyes out not wanting to go. It was the final call for the gate and at the last minute I went for  the flight. I don't know what made me change my mind... maybe because I spoke to a friend who said 'it is my choice'. I didn't feel forced to get on the plane. When we got on the plane I was so exhausted from the anxiety I stopped caring. I sat there and wanted to sleep. It was actually the best take off (best as in the least panicky take off). The flight was very smooth and I was able to relax more. I even listened to some music which helped me not panic about every noise on the plane. I was even able to do some mindfulness and relax more. I can definitely say that this was the best take off I had for many years. 

On the flight back I was also panicking but not as much as before until I was sat on the plane. My seat was right at the back of the plane which was out of my comfort zone and what I was used to so I think that really put my anxiety up. The take off again wasn't too bad and I was able to listen to the music. I think I did well towards the end of the flight and during landing considering there were two drunk guys opposite me who discussed every plane crash in the history in the last 10-15 minutes!

Although my anxiety was one of the worst before the flight the actual flight was very smooth and I felt more comfortable. I have done three return flights in two months and I feel like I am improving and getting better. It was exhausting though. I have another flight at the end of the year to Scotland.

Thank you everyone for your support and comments in previous posts :)


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Hi natalia, hopefully you will be able to control your anxiety better next time because for all your fears nothing bad or even close to not good happened on both your flights...and the truth is (as i've come to learn) air travel is more boring than dangerous...every flight is the same.

well done for overcoming what seems like a serious attack of the heeby jeeby's tho!!

You sure are improving ... you're facing your fear and not running away from it ....well done. This  story will be such an encouragement to so many people.

Captain Keith

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