Hi Everyone,

Im new to this , you see for all my life until 2012 I could fly anywhere! i flew all over the world.

I had a panic attack on a plane in November 2012 and havent flown since.

The story gets hard when i tell that means I have not seen my husband or son as they live in Kenya and I m in Sydney. My hubby cannot get a visa to visit Australia as he has had 5 and maxed out.

I have 2 young daughters who are desperate to see their father and I have so many opportunities to go but just cant think about unless it accompanied by a fear that Ill panic on the plane and cant get off ...

Strangely enough if i had no choice like it was a family emergency i could get on a plane, but by choice i cant.\

Life is getting very depressing as their is very little help here in Australia, buying Captains book has helped alot. I want to fly again. if i dont my life feels over.

Any tips? any practical advice? 

thanks for reading

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Hi Rose.

I personally found the cd's more help than the book. Don't really know what else to say, except that I am sure Keith will be along very soon to help you!

Hi Rose.
I imagine other people have told you this before but a panic attack, whilst uncomfortable cannot harm you. For many years i suffered with panic attacks and more importantly the fear of having an attack. It effected my job, family and life in general but i learnt to control these with breathing techniques, distraction techniques. Both of which you will find details of on this site. Good luck. Jim

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