Hi guys.im 47 and never flew.o had agoraphobia for a number of years but much better now. The family having benidorm trip in march n I want to go. .claustrophobia being my main issue I think. Any tips ? Xx

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If you read through other threads on the site, you'll see loads of success stories, including my own. Look at what resources are available - there are a series of books, some CDs and the courses run by Keith which are excellent. I did an airline's Fear of Flying course a couple of years ago and I was one of about 200 delegates. With Keith, you're one of six maybe, so you can go into detail about what specific things worry you. ABSOLUTELY go for it though - you'll be so proud of yourself for confronting it and succeeding. Imagine being with the family in March! Very best of luck.......

Hi Paula,

Firstly congratulations for taking the first steps into facing your fear and doing something about it!

Claustrophobia is a very common cause of peoples fear of flying, including my own. I would recommend you try some of the aids you can get on this site such as the book, the cd set. I used the CD set quite a lot at first, it explains lots of things about flying, the different noises, when airlines do things in different ways, all things that once explained stopped me panicking and left me feeling far less claustraphobic.

I had flown once in 30 years because of my fears before I came across this site, I recently flew for the 30th time in the last 8 years and have my next flights coming up in September.

Best of luck with your aims


Thanks nick and jim for your comments. Im reading thru captain keiths book at minute. Booking on his sept course I think. Then see how it goes. He recommends a short flight at first. So Liverpool to newquay or something. I can always train it back ;-) x just cant envisage myself doing it yet though :-(

What opened my eyes when I was worried about space was hearing how the vast majority of planes are bigger than our own homes.  I cannot find the original article but the new Airbus a380 is 5000 sq ft of space wheras the average UK house is 900 sq ft.    Just long and narrow which would be hard to furnish at home :-)

Hi Paula,

I think a short internal flight sounds a great Idea. If you need that back up plan in your mind that you can return by train then do it. I've flown from Liverpool to the Isle of Man and its a nice modern airport, not too crowded and easy to get around which was also important to me when I first started. I didn't like the idea of using Manchester or Heathrow.

I'm pretty sure you can fly to Scotland from Liverpool as well so you've got options. If you are going in the coming months Scotland is beautiful in the autumn

Good luck


I agree, My friend who is claustrophobic and emetophobic nervously flew to Isle of Man recently and smiled once up realising he was fine.  Bristol and exeter are also small airports with plenty of options for a return journey good luck

Southampton too is a straightforward small airport. You can return direct to Liverpool by train if need be from there. Bristol would probably be the cheaper place to return by train from though. The only thing you may want to check out though is the sort of aircraft you'll travel in. You may be looking for a jet aircraft rather than a small turbo-prop as the jet would be more like what you'd travel in later on to Benidorm although if claustrophobia is your main concern, this may not matter. Keith may be best to give advice on that. Great news that you're taking these positive steps though! Keep us posted.....

Hi Paula

I am not a good flyer, and was claustrophobic too - strangely not any more on planes though.

It used to hit me right in the middle of the flights, and I hated having no control while everyone else looked so calm.

Strangely enough, for me it was sitting in a aisle seat. It meant that without annoying the people next to me, I could control when I wanted to get up and walk around, and I could explore the plane regardless of the size. Walk up and down the aisles (not too many times!) and to the toilet really helped me out. I could wander and feel that although I was on a plane, I still had the freedom to wander when and if I needed.

Once you are on the plane, it's not as bad as you are imagining it.

Hope it helps somewhat..

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