Hi Keith trust you are well


As you know i seem to be doing ok since your course, and have been on several short flights to Ireland and Scotland.....I have now booked the flight to Portugal which is in ten days time....have had a few negative thoughts but generally doing ok. Hope can keep that up, I soemtimes think it the boredom of the flight that makes me worry....time will tell

I went to East midlands runway today and a ryanair flight came in but then as soon as hit the tarmac went back up again...would this be a go-around or would this be training....though woulnt of thought ryanair do training in this manor ? I fly with them, gulp



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Training...perfectly normal stuff. It means that the crew can get in more landings in any particular period of time. It's always been done like this.



Chris I live near Prestwick Airport and I don't know if it's the correct term but we refer to it as "circuits and bumps".  Many airlines come to Prestwick (it's a small regional airport, not very busy but with a good long runway - I'm told.  It was one of the few airports in Scotland Concord could land at!!) to do this.  I am a "recovering fearful flyer" and it does me good to see them!!



I forgot to say well done!


Well under 2 days to go now and im getting the nerves again, little frustrated by it to be honest with you as thought i was ok, and the worst thing is im not sure what im worried about , i usually have the take off going through my head , the what ifs etc but now i dont seem to have that , just all round anxiety grrrr, any help i see most on here recently have the simular problem, last minute nerves etc, its onloy portugal and im sire there not be much turbulance as its a 7-30pm flight and weather looks ok, but quiet concerned
I am not so bad once we get going, usually, some reason im worrying about other tnsg to normal now, not sure why, i cant its a nightmare,

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